Wal-Mart Drug Providers:

Dear, Dear managerial staff of the pharmaceutical in-store suppliers… Now 1st off I am all for hiring the special needs, functionally illiterate and crabby assed postmenopausal rags…all for it…keep it up…BUT not for the pharmacy! Bad enough you can’t pronounce my name much less any of the drugs I take…but that 45 minute wait turned into 2 f-ing hours…I can only look at your drastically cheap assed and usually unattractive merchandise so long before I go to the sportsman department…purchase a long rifle and start taking people down! Yeah I have no insurance but you’all should like me! There’s no pesky paper work for you…no middle man…I’m paying 100% of the money owed to you IN CASH!!! You give me the amount…after nearly feinting I fork over the cash…that simple! Check it out…you don’t even need to count (and touch) my pills…take ‘em off the shelf…slap a sticker on it put in the bag and HAND IT TO ME!!! 5 times we stood in that WAY TOO F-ING LONG line with people just as unhappy as me yet more than likely sharing their illness with all of us and were told it’s almost done…were ya’ squeezing every pill out of a newborn babe? Making them out of endanger species flesh?!? NO! You had your obviously challenged woman (I’m guessing she was a she here) struggling with the label machine while your pharmacist I’m guessing there too…chatted it up with the post menopausal hormonally challenged blob of happiness you had running the cash register…Now I’m not prone to being loudly verbal no matter how incredibly pissed I am…but my mutterings were getting louder… Had I an ice-pick handy (I didn’t browse that isle) I would have surely driven it into left eye socket…hammered it home….slide it to the left…slide it to the right…give it a swirl for good measure…surely lobotomizing myself so watching you people working SO INCREDIBLY SLOW wouldn’t bother my so much! Well that being said and the fact that you actually ran out of one of my needed drugs (who knew there were so many epileptics in Buffalo)

I will see you again today…but you will NEVER see my pleasantly plump ass standing in your line to hell ever again! Target Pharmacy…Don’t fail me…for if you do…off to CUB…Walgreen’s…Coburn’s…fill in the blank baby. I may be poor, unhealthy and pasty white…but I don’t take slow motion inept incompetent treated-like-shit well!

Yours with ever lovin’ giggle-ee-tude…




4 day headache

Welcome to day 4 of a lovely headache that actually woke me up last night just to make sure I still noticed it.  Lovely.  It’s all on the left side of my head so it’s either a migraine just hanging out till I give up and drug myself into unconsciousness to get rid of it or it’s one of those intermittent headaches from my under control epilepsy just reminding me that every seizure caused a wee bit of damage…so keep taking those medications…sigh…every few months this happens…just to remind me my head is really a bit off. Oy!  I’m not calling the blanketty blank doctor though because all they do is discuss stress, caffeine, work, take a gallon of blood and send me home with duh-duh-duh-duh…Advil.  I’m not in the mood to pay a massive bill and take what I already have at home. Blend the headache with the achiness that never goes away and the forever tired…oh yeah I’m pretty useless at times! 


I sewed a whole lot of nothing this weekend.  I hate when I don’t accomplish something.  I did however make assorted piles of fabric for assorted quilts I can make some time in the future.  Jim put up the shelves so they go all the way around the living room about 10 inches down from the ceiling.  I painted the bottom of every shelf crayon red and the edge matte black.  On my Fridays off I will be painting the wall behind the shelf up to the ceiling vibrant purple, semi-gloss. When complete it should look FABULOUS what with the black velvet drapes on the side windows and the red tie up fabric blinds across the front…I want to get a vibrant purple throw rug to cover the ugly tan carpeting, then with the black and or red furniture I plan to get…wow a living room that actually like oh I don’t know…matches…too odd!  I could get used to living in a home albeit a ‘vintage’ (1973) trailer as long as we actually have the comforts of home for a change!


We had Oliver for a bit on Friday while Travis was at work.  I managed to trade the painting table for the kitchen table so when I do get to so next it will be lovely with a rectangular surface rather than the odd egg shape of the painting table.  Course not I really don’t like the egg table in the kitchen cuz it so small and doesn’t blend with the bench or the chair.  Some day I’ll be satisfied.  Ha, yeah right! Did manage to trace the foundation piece for the monster pineapple with Oliver’s assistance, He held the table in place…it wasn’t really going anywhere…


Jim and I traded Valentines gifts Friday after Oliver went home.  He got me the sweetest card, how I make him laugh and stuff.  What a sweetie pie! Gosh I love him! He got me a wicked cool black bracelet too.  I got him a Homer Simpson card that talked.  I think I should have looked for a ‘feeling’ card instead.  Thursday is his birthday, I plan to get him a flip shut track phone since he’s always talking about getting one and he never did.  Found a cool law and order card that makes the noise of the show when you open it. 


Today on the way home after picking up Tab’s paycheck since she doesn’t work today, I’m stopping at the dollar store with my 3 dollars and getting a few plastic baskets to hold the ever growing tidied fabric menagerie. Then pick up Oliver at school, pick up the mail, drop off Oliver, finally get home, put the pork loin in the oven, locate the paper cutter (bottom brown drawer under the frog tank in the kitchen) and start properly labeling the fabric.  Got such an assortment if I label it at least I’ll be able to find what I’m looking for eventually.

O MY F-in-Hymer Maude!

O MY F-in-hymer Maude!

Welcome to Monday and the insanity ensues! I got to work 5 minutes late so I have to stay till 3:35 in hopes of getting 8 very needed hours of work in.  UGH! SO…after our group weekend of horrid stress with a dollop of hell we were hoping Oliver’s new preschool/daycare/speech therapy would be a tad bit easy on us and on Oliver…Well NO what were we thinking?  I hurried this morning to grab Olie’s snow pants at our house so he’d have them for day care um yeah it will be a high of fricking 8 today and this little guy will be thrown out in the cold…great!  Jump in my not even close to warmed up vehicle drive like a freak to Tab’s apartment so a shell-shocked and weeping Oliver can be crammed into his carseat crying for his baby that he can’t bring with. We get there and the lone chick there has no idea what paperwork Tab has to continue to fill out after filling out a trees worth of crap already.  I’m trying to get Oliver calmly interested in the toys while yanking all his winter crap off of him.  Woman 1 say it’s fine that we don’t have Olie’s shoes with that she sees the preschoolers in their socks quite often…then comes woman # 2…unhappy about Oliver’s not total potty training…after Tab had spoken to chick number Z about it and it being found to be acceptable.  Broad # 2 asks where Oliver’s lunch is…Yeah NO ONE told Tab that Oliver would be needing a lunch packed…WTF?!?  Our tax dollars at work?!?  What a joke, the paperwork Tab had said Breakfast, Lunch and snacks were included in the amount we are now paying for this!  Color me too tired and too much pain to even be as flippant as I’d like to be!  So with the clock ticking Tab and I leap back into the Jeep, Pass Travis on his way to work, to my house to throw together a semblance of a lunch for Olie with one of his croissants, pudding and a juice…Tab runs it into the school and I think chick # 2 says OH, Oliver’s 4….he can get hot lunch…just fill out more paper work….welcome to 6:45…I have 15 minutes to get to Delano, drop Tab at Mickey D’s and get me back to MMI…F-ing Joke…Then chick # 2 tells Tab she’ll have to go home to get Oliver’s shoes, he can’t be in socks…He will be spending the day in his boots…I really hope his day goes better than ours has started. As I pulled up to Mickey D’s Tab’s phone is ringing…they’re calling her to tell her she’s late…ONE MINUTE F-ING LATE!  Ass wipes! You’ll have to pardon my language…ugh! Yet another reason my daughter’s were NEVER in daycare!  UGH!  I’d rather be poor than driven over the edge by the people who are supposed to care for my child in my absence!


On the move: The kids were basically totally moved into their apartment Saturday night.  Course it hadn’t been cleaned so Tab got to scrub all the previously viewed people scatterings all day yesterday.  Yum!  We got our bed room mostly moved yesterday, the wall in the living room removed, the fence in the bedroom Jim and Jaz removed late Saturday night while I hung the new curtains.  Tonight once my dashing about is completed, I’ll be throwing Lasagna into the oven and working on the living room. Just could get into it yesterday.  I was eventually just hobbling about on painful feet since I wore the Vans yesterday with no squishing insoles for all the work and grocery shopping…Got all the clothes moved from the computer room into our closet…how nice now I can like dress looking adequate rather than always in t-shirts!  The dressers and bed are all in there and filled.  The giant Jimi Hendrix is in Jim’s corner.  The purple batik is over the bed with our handfasting cord, all is well…tired, achy, but well.  Tab Travis and Oliver are in Stephi’s old apartment so I can find them in my sleep!  Plus we can see their windows from our front window.  So, they’re just across the way.  Kinda nice!  They can just wave if they want!


Yesterday Jazmin’s older rat Lucy passed away.  Jaz was holding her at the time.  L So Jazmin has Gertie the Snake beater rat and Gideon the insane red squirrel who was running around like a total freak last night.  Once the living room is all put together and vacuumed (what a mess!) He can run all over without any worries.


Wow my legs hurt!  We moved so much yesterday!  I hope Tab’s day at work goes well.  I really hope Oliver’s day goes OK.  I don’t want him to ever feel bad that the adults in charge aren’t on the same page.  These little guys depend on them knowing what’s up and sharing information…They better step to! That’s the Nana talking of course…they don’t listen to me! That them…ugh!

TGI F-ing F…even!

I am painfully ever so glad it is FRIDAY!  UGH!  Between stupidity in the economic – insurance pile of dung and throwing out the middle (yeah middle) of my back…I’m in rare form today…not!  Welcome to my pissy whiny wa wa wa blog moment…

Work is INSANE…I’m totally inundated with great steaming piles of paper work… WTF people?!?  I’ve had days where I’m searching for work…filing extra slow just to keep occupied…now I have 2 new molds, 4 to change to work in progress…ECR’s flowing like a severed artery…insanity!  We’ve our Xmas meal here on Monday… I’ll be bringing in all the sewing kits for: Sue, Judi, Bonnie, Melissa, Roxanne (yes I’m singing her name) & Katherine, Paul’s wee Rover quilt + the 37 non-holiday ornaments I made for everyone on 1st shift. Gotta get the Newsletter done and out by none Tuesday…so far not many have donated any fodder to it so I guess I’ll be filling it up with holiday nonsense.  We may have made our 4th quarter goal which would be monetarily nice for a switch.



Jim with the Wal-Mart Santa…2 funny!

Santa at Day care next Tuesday and I have to leave early, PU Oliver @ 1pm on Wednesday…grab what ever my piddly chech brings and run to Down in the Valley to find Jim’s Xmas CD, Somewhere to get Tab’s cordless drill with bits and a cool card to put Jazmin’s $ in…And have Olie back in tome for Travis to take him to Iowa for Xmas…See…Insanity!

This Sunday we’re doing Xmas at my mom’s: Me, Jim, Tabitha, Jazmin, Oliver mom & dad…Chicken Kiev with all the fixin’s…I do hope my back feels better by then…I’ll be wearing my sad Xmas elfish outfit…I’m sure my mom will be underwhelmed…Oh well…

Maude it’s only 9:41…I hope I survive the day!