Painting eyes & sock monkeys

Had an idea…at the moment it seemed OK…well it didn’t work…use floral foam to hold the eyes shank end up so I can paint them…well the foam was way crumbly and I didn’t really want green texture added to the eyes so……waste of foam…sigh…BUT I did manage to paint 48 pairs of eyes and one set of three (yeah there were 3 left so I guess I’ll be making a three eyed somebody) I noticed on a few that there are areas I didn’t fill in all the way…but since there are going on socks perhaps the imperfections won’t be noticed…I think they turned out quite lovely for first tries…used a few different paints: Golden Heavy Body acrylic, Jacquard Lumiere Acrylics for the lovely metallic, some cheap craftsmart from Walmart for the glitter, and glow in the dark… completed 12-25-12


Broke down and purchased 2 new pair of scissors…they work wonderfully!  The wee one can get right in there and nip one thread without messing up anything else…the larger ones slice through socks like butter! Found at:


Lucky yoga monkey…with the fun lime green eyes and sheepish grin he’s all ready for St. Patty’s day!  Machine and hand sewn with a hand embroidered grin…the washer backed plastic neon eyes are not truly baby safe…he’s about 40 inches tall standing although he’s a bit wiggly for standing…all wrapped up with a clover shoelace bow…completed 2-25-12 while waiting for the painted eyes to dry…will be for sale on Etsy: 


Not Quite Hounds-Tooth Monkey…made of mid-calf ladies socks…he has lovely blue mismatched washer backed eyes so he’s not really baby safe…he’s got a squeaker in his tummy just because…he’s machine and hand sewn with a hand embroidered grin…finished off with a bright zebra striped ribbon to match his eyes…he sits about 7 inches tall… completed 2-26-12 while trying to ignore the constant reruns on cable TV…will be for sale on Etsy: 


sewing painting beastie making

Jazmin’s Glove Squirrel…kinda looks like a fox but I made it using the pattern for the chipmunk…oh well…Jaz likes it none the less…

Big Brained Cat Rabbit…no pattern used…just let the socks speak to me…lol…made this for Heidi for her birthday…$1.50 worth of socks…on sale at Target…

Ella’s Zarzak…Ella so loved my Halloween sock beastie from an art trade that I made her a Zarzak of her very own for X-mas…
From a kit off Amazon make your own sock monsters (John Murphy)

Chicken Headed Frog Chameleon…a chunk of a toe sock and a pair of cool girls socks left over big brain cat rabbit sock…and WA LA…chicken headed frog chameleon for Jazmin’s birthday…also this month…


Olivia’s Oonie…doesn’t quite look like the original Oonie…But I hope Olivia like it when she gets bigger…1 red heeled sock and baby safe eyes & nose…

Sock beastie family portrait…group portrait before shipping out the cat rabbit
can you see the resemblance?

In between the wedding, Olivia, and copious sewing I decided to repaint the trim in the kitchen…unknown to me Shamus was the QC on this job…can you tell what color I did the trim?

Course I was so on top of things I didn’t notice his new eye-shadow till it had dried…I managed to comb most of it out although he still has a few little dots of orange on the short hair…OY!

New Bathroom Floor Weekend

While Jim was putting in the new bathroom floor I stayed out of the way and stayed busy!

Finally finished Jazmin’s heart.  All it really needed was the embroidered name…yup that’s the spelling, phonetic since she’s a person not a plant… J Block and pieced then the ribbons put on be machine. Block pattern found at: ‘crazy hearts’ this block will join 19 others to make the quilt: All Who Dwell in my Heart.

Completed September 11th 2010.

Heidi’s retro artistic flamboyant heart.  Picked out fabulous artsy colors since she is a painter and sketcher extraordinaire!  Added kitty fabric for her kitty Joplin.  Added the blue meanie fro the Yellow Submarine since she’s a Beatles lover. Tried to find as much retro 60’s fabric since she is a born again hippy flower child. Hand pieced, added the fun ribbons be machine and embroidered her name in dark fabulous purple/pink. Block pattern found at: ‘crazy hearts’ this block will join 19 others to make the quilt: All Who Dwell in my Heart.

Completed September 12th 2010.

First potato harvest…granted this is only from one plant.  I’m leaving the others in the ground till we need them or just before the ground freezes…these were great in the beef stew I made with onions from the garden too! September 11th 2010

Shamus napping on my WIP witchie quilt.  No wonder my quilt always has the slight puppy funk about it…hmmm…guess it’s bath time again! September 12th 2010

The pumpkin bedpan has a face…think I’ll work on the eyes a bit more! September 12th 2010

eclectic confabulations

Jazmin’s heart in progress for my ‘All Who Dwell in My Heart’ quilt.  Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ Purple and black are Jazmin’s colors…Purple was the color I tried to dress Jaz in…Tab’s was Pink, Nat’s was lavender and light teal…so Jazmin’s was purple.  The shade has gotten darker over the years.  The skull fabric for the heart is from a quilt started by Jaz (I’ll finish it some day) Dark and spooky is the route taken with this block, hope to find some great spooky trim for it.  Her name will be embroidered in black. September 8th 2010

The great and fabulous gonna be a pumpkin bed pan in progress.  Bedpan supplied by Kris to the K of the Angel Hands thrift store in Watertown…I’m hoping this is orange enough…quilt the retina singer at the moment…still searching for a little pile of pretend poop to drop inside once it’s done…haven’t figured out how I’m going to hang it on the wall yet…this is for my Halloween bathroom…

September 9th 2010

4 day headache

Welcome to day 4 of a lovely headache that actually woke me up last night just to make sure I still noticed it.  Lovely.  It’s all on the left side of my head so it’s either a migraine just hanging out till I give up and drug myself into unconsciousness to get rid of it or it’s one of those intermittent headaches from my under control epilepsy just reminding me that every seizure caused a wee bit of damage…so keep taking those medications…sigh…every few months this happens…just to remind me my head is really a bit off. Oy!  I’m not calling the blanketty blank doctor though because all they do is discuss stress, caffeine, work, take a gallon of blood and send me home with duh-duh-duh-duh…Advil.  I’m not in the mood to pay a massive bill and take what I already have at home. Blend the headache with the achiness that never goes away and the forever tired…oh yeah I’m pretty useless at times! 


I sewed a whole lot of nothing this weekend.  I hate when I don’t accomplish something.  I did however make assorted piles of fabric for assorted quilts I can make some time in the future.  Jim put up the shelves so they go all the way around the living room about 10 inches down from the ceiling.  I painted the bottom of every shelf crayon red and the edge matte black.  On my Fridays off I will be painting the wall behind the shelf up to the ceiling vibrant purple, semi-gloss. When complete it should look FABULOUS what with the black velvet drapes on the side windows and the red tie up fabric blinds across the front…I want to get a vibrant purple throw rug to cover the ugly tan carpeting, then with the black and or red furniture I plan to get…wow a living room that actually like oh I don’t know…matches…too odd!  I could get used to living in a home albeit a ‘vintage’ (1973) trailer as long as we actually have the comforts of home for a change!


We had Oliver for a bit on Friday while Travis was at work.  I managed to trade the painting table for the kitchen table so when I do get to so next it will be lovely with a rectangular surface rather than the odd egg shape of the painting table.  Course not I really don’t like the egg table in the kitchen cuz it so small and doesn’t blend with the bench or the chair.  Some day I’ll be satisfied.  Ha, yeah right! Did manage to trace the foundation piece for the monster pineapple with Oliver’s assistance, He held the table in place…it wasn’t really going anywhere…


Jim and I traded Valentines gifts Friday after Oliver went home.  He got me the sweetest card, how I make him laugh and stuff.  What a sweetie pie! Gosh I love him! He got me a wicked cool black bracelet too.  I got him a Homer Simpson card that talked.  I think I should have looked for a ‘feeling’ card instead.  Thursday is his birthday, I plan to get him a flip shut track phone since he’s always talking about getting one and he never did.  Found a cool law and order card that makes the noise of the show when you open it. 


Today on the way home after picking up Tab’s paycheck since she doesn’t work today, I’m stopping at the dollar store with my 3 dollars and getting a few plastic baskets to hold the ever growing tidied fabric menagerie. Then pick up Oliver at school, pick up the mail, drop off Oliver, finally get home, put the pork loin in the oven, locate the paper cutter (bottom brown drawer under the frog tank in the kitchen) and start properly labeling the fabric.  Got such an assortment if I label it at least I’ll be able to find what I’m looking for eventually.