blocks for the Peeps quilt and a few lovies

Peep Block Shamus 8-30-14

Finished the Shamus block using grey button Zombie fabric I got in a set of fat quarters a while back. His little jacket is from another fat quarter set Beatles Yellow Submarine. Fairy frost for his ‘sky’ and neato green from a fabric swap last year. Threw on some buttons and a yellow doily sun. I think he turned out pretty cute. His block is 8X10 inches. Completed August 30th 2014 His pattern was free at:

Peep Block Jeep 8-31-14

The heap of Jeep signature block… I guess it’s a 2 door… oh well! Doily wheels…I’m considering them white walls, as I didn’t have any black ones. You’ll note no rust or bumper stickers… I figure when I quilt it eventually I’ll quilt little rectangles all over it. Block is 8X10, finished it August 31st 2014 this block pattern is part of a kit that’s free:

Peep Block Keek 9-1-14

Keek (Upstairs kitty) block took a while, and I did do her back at the wrong angle… guess she’s arching her back up… She’s made of corduroy (which is wicked fun to hand stitch) assorted cottons with a 3-D tail… I layered the buttons for her eyes because her eyes are both yellow and green… tiny crocheted lady bug for all the bugs the stalks around the house. Now that I’m getting a few blocks on the design wall I am realizing just how difficult it will be to quilt this! Her block is 8X10 and completed on September 1st 2014 the cat block was free at:

Pony blankets 9-1-14

While cleaning was being done I managed to hide in my sewing room and finished Olivia’s birthday big girl fleece Pretty Pony blanket. Out of the left-overs from that blanket I made 2 newborn sized fleece blankets edged with rainbow satin. Last time I was at Walmart I found a remnant of pre-quilted jungle fabric so I made 2 preemie bassinet sized boy blankets with satin edging. September 1st 2014


Rather productive long weekend!

house quilt detail house quilt

Of course forgot to take a good picture of the quilt I finished on Friday… here’s a craptacular one via phone camera. Dare say it is indeed nice to sleep under a nice new quilt, although weird as it seems Shamus doesn’t seem to like it. He will only sleep on the old ones. It’s about twin sized, just right for one. Houses were hand paper pieced… rainbow happiness backed with peace symbols on white.

500 Magic Mushrooms ZIA

Onto the drawing front, I finished Magic Mushrooms on a Walk About, not totally ZIA but with a dash. This will be a birthday present for Jazmin once I get it framed. Created on 11X14 Paris paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel, Atyou Spica glitter and Staedtler Triplus for the chaotic color. There are moments of gel pens, glitter pens and assorted other gooey deals that pooped in such a way that some designs changed dramatically after adding color… but I think the point get across quite nicely. Finished June 21st 2014

500 Page 1

Now when not making a massive some thing or other I’m working on filling a Pentalic Illustrators Sketchbook, 8X5…192 pages…my goal is to draw on every page… have an entire book filled as I have never really used up an entire tablet of anything. Page one… Zia of no name other than page one using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel. Still don’t fully trust the paper so I draw with a baggie or other paper between pages. Completed June 17th 2014

500 Find Perfection ZIA

Page 2 better known as Find Perfection I messed about with the Spiral maker Jim got for me on a whim. One turned out perfect… 2 more not so much before I gave up and tangled all over it in hopes of making it adequate enough to leave in the book. Completed June 21st 2014

500 Urban Sprawl ZIA

Page 3 a.k.a. Urban Sprawl… made during yet another rainy day and television viewing sucked so I used mostly .005 Pigma Micron pens for the itty bitty detail and Atyou Spica Glitter pens for the color. June 22nd 2014

500 Page 4 Bithas tired eye

Page 4 otherwise known as Bitha’s Tired Eye ZIA. I love drawing eyes, just one at a time not actually attached to a recognizable face. This is one Tab’s green eyed moments, I will make a hazel Tab/Oliver version eventually. I also have on the list a Jazmin Blue/grey eye, a Jim see through scary icy blue eye, a Nat/Olivia Brown eye. Perhaps one day a lovely Liz Taylor Lavender eye just because I can. This eye was mostly .005 pens for that itty bitty detail and Staedtler Triplus for the shades of eye…look away from the same shade of green oops…OY… Completed June 22nd 2014

Al who dwell in my heart on the WALL


The All Who Dwell in my Heart quilt is totally done and on the wall…doesn’t hang perfectly flat but hey after 3 years of hand paper piecing what does one expect!  20 heart blocks hand stitched, hand embroidered than ribbons added by machine…whew…it’s machine quilted in the ditch between the blocks…haven’t quite decided if I want to tackle hand quilting each heart yet…the back is a fabulous lavender paisley with orange and retina burning color combinations…edged in white with tiny buttons…kinda garish once it was complete but I’m not one to just tear something apart because it’s garish…that and I hate ripping out seams! Finally on the wall October 6th 2013


Witchie z sew far

Paper pieced Hogwarts Sue witchie block. She’s all hand pieced and is 9 inches square.  Still need to embroider a wee H on the light blue area for Hogwarts.  Cuteness! This block patter was had for free at: Completed September 29th 2013

The paper pieced witches and wizard so far…thinking of snowballing the corners of each block with differing sized of squares in a freaky rainbow as I have a box of assorted squares left over from other projects…now that the design wall is back where it belongs the witches and friends will dangle there till I get them all completed.  I think this quilt will grow large enough for me to sleep under! September 29th 2013

a trendy witchie poo

Paper pieced Trendy Witch…Love the paisley top and the fabulous peacock mish mash hat! Only thing is when I was removing the paper I somehow put my finger right through the batik pant leg, hence the red patch.  I just hope when I send this out to eventually be quilted the quilter doesn’t get hung up on the patch…

This pattern is part of the group Wand Wielders

This block is 9 inches square. Finally completed September 22nd 2013

paper pieced celestial wizard

Celestial paper pieced Cloaked Wizard…my mom found this fabric at a garage sale for me…it’s been waiting for the perfect place to make its appearance…tada! And I have probably 2 more yards of it just in case I need more some day!  This pattern is from the set Wand Wielders… He is all hand pieces and is a massive 9 inches square. Completed September 17th 2013

a bit of paper piecing with Shamus


Paper Pieced Witchie momma block.  Started the second set of Witch Bonnet Sue’s…I think this one turned out ok I’m just not a massive fan of reproduction fabrics… She’s all hand stitched and is a tidy 9 inches square. She was purchased with a set from:… oh no…when I was capturing this address I noticed there is a new set of witchie friends…I have the feeling this quilt will end up being quite massive…. But I digress…(internal happy dance) she was completed September 15th 2013


With all the washing of baby stuff I found one blanket with a stain that Shamus has adopted…aw… September 15th2013

more sewing can be found at Lovies by Yane : wordpress

weekend in stitches

Paper pieced Broomstick Witch…the broom part didn’t line up quite perfectly but she’s fabulous nonetheless…She’s from a set of patterns purchased from:…

She’s all hand stitched and is 9 inches square. September 7th 2013

Paper pieced Wise Ol’ Wizard…ok so he’s not that old with his youthful auburn hair and beard but he’s looking fabulous in his candy corn hat! He’s from a set of patterns purchased from:…

He’s all hand stitched and is 9 inches square September 8th 2013

Finished my first set of paper pieced Busy Body witchie friends. Onto the next set: Wand Wielders… !  I plan on piecing 4 complete sets of witchie friends into a fabulous quilt that I’ll be keeping for a change…no really, I mean it this time! I will be sewing up Monster Madness…  and Friendly Familiars… too. September 8th 2013

Oliver and paper piecing

Oliver’s 1st day of 2nd grade! Figure I’ll take the same picture every year to see how he grows…I remember having to help him into the Jeep and buckle him in…tear…he’s growing up so fast! September 3rd 2013 he’s 8 years old!

Busy Body Potion Maker all hand stitched…took a movie, the news, and a couple Law & Order SVUs to complete.  She’s 9 inches square.  From a fabulous set of patterns from:…

Completed August 25th 2013 haven’t decided if I’ll add some embroidery yet…

Oppsie Daisy Witch (paper pieced by hand) she took the movie Phantoms, 1 law & Order SVU and 20 minutes of Under the Dome to complete. I made two miscalculations while making this block…I’m not telling! This block is 9 inches square. I bought the pattern with the set:…

Completed August 26th 2013

Fortune Teller paper pieced witchie poo.  Worked on her for a few days but finally got her done during a viewing of the new The Thing. This block is 9 inches square. I bought the pattern with the set:…  completed August 29th 2013

Green Thumb Witch (Paper pieced by hand) she was completed over a couple days and quite a few really bad B movies…used sock monkey fabric for her shoes…she’s very cute!  9 inches square I bought the pattern with the set:…

Completed September 1st 2013

Boris and Wilma

Boris the duck from Blue’s Clues finally done…the paper pieced marvel…alright perhaps not marvel but I’m always a bit excited when I actually accomplish something! He was all echo quilted by hand while kinda watching a few movies and a couple seasons of the X-files much to Jim’s chagrin! Boris is a free pattern:…

Detail of the quilting…hey now don’t be measuring…I know there aren’t 10 stitches per inch and if there are it was purely by accident…the super cute ducky buttons are from a knitting/spinning shop in Buffalo…Boris is a free pattern:…

Boris in his new home amongst the other assorted bucks in the bathroom.   Yup all this work and effort to hang in the bathroom…hey it’s how I roll.  Now to draw a rubber duck on some adequate plywood so Jim can cut it out and I can make a nifty jewelry holder to put by this shelf!  I’ll have to buy some paint and brushes too…so many silly ideas so little time! Boris is a free pattern:…

wilma home 8-18-13

Wilma’s home in the TV room.  Eventually I’ll have to get her a larger tank but I’m pretty sure it will reside in the same place.

wilma w fish 8-17-13

Wilma contemplating the tiny rosy red minnows we put in her water dish…contemplating mind you, she prefers crickets and monster worms to fish at the moment.

wilma water dish 8-17-13

Wilma hanging out in her casserole water dish…hey! It works for now but when she gets bigger …