Rather productive long weekend!

house quilt detail house quilt

Of course forgot to take a good picture of the quilt I finished on Friday… here’s a craptacular one via phone camera. Dare say it is indeed nice to sleep under a nice new quilt, although weird as it seems Shamus doesn’t seem to like it. He will only sleep on the old ones. It’s about twin sized, just right for one. Houses were hand paper pieced… rainbow happiness backed with peace symbols on white.

500 Magic Mushrooms ZIA

Onto the drawing front, I finished Magic Mushrooms on a Walk About, not totally ZIA but with a dash. This will be a birthday present for Jazmin once I get it framed. Created on 11X14 Paris paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel, Atyou Spica glitter and Staedtler Triplus for the chaotic color. There are moments of gel pens, glitter pens and assorted other gooey deals that pooped in such a way that some designs changed dramatically after adding color… but I think the point get across quite nicely. Finished June 21st 2014

500 Page 1

Now when not making a massive some thing or other I’m working on filling a Pentalic Illustrators Sketchbook, 8X5…192 pages…my goal is to draw on every page… have an entire book filled as I have never really used up an entire tablet of anything. Page one… Zia of no name other than page one using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel. Still don’t fully trust the paper so I draw with a baggie or other paper between pages. Completed June 17th 2014

500 Find Perfection ZIA

Page 2 better known as Find Perfection I messed about with the Spiral maker Jim got for me on a whim. One turned out perfect… 2 more not so much before I gave up and tangled all over it in hopes of making it adequate enough to leave in the book. Completed June 21st 2014

500 Urban Sprawl ZIA

Page 3 a.k.a. Urban Sprawl… made during yet another rainy day and television viewing sucked so I used mostly .005 Pigma Micron pens for the itty bitty detail and Atyou Spica Glitter pens for the color. June 22nd 2014

500 Page 4 Bithas tired eye

Page 4 otherwise known as Bitha’s Tired Eye ZIA. I love drawing eyes, just one at a time not actually attached to a recognizable face. This is one Tab’s green eyed moments, I will make a hazel Tab/Oliver version eventually. I also have on the list a Jazmin Blue/grey eye, a Jim see through scary icy blue eye, a Nat/Olivia Brown eye. Perhaps one day a lovely Liz Taylor Lavender eye just because I can. This eye was mostly .005 pens for that itty bitty detail and Staedtler Triplus for the shades of eye…look away from the same shade of green oops…OY… Completed June 22nd 2014


a little closer to home every day!

I so sewed!


first thing I’ve sewed in a very long time! wee Teeny small sized diapers!!! woo hoo I feel so much better just having sewed even a little…there’s not very good light there just yet, so I could only get these done before it was getting too dim…more to sew next time there’s enough light


my sewing table all set up and ready to get to work! THANK YOU my sweet husband, you manly man you! Took it apart, tied it to the Jeep and put it back together after getting it in the house!


the batik every home has a heart quilt I’ve been hand quilting…now in the new sewing area…better get this move done!


my favorite pink house with the heart quilted…

I’m almost home…we’re all almost home…hopefully within a month we will be all moved in, all getting used to our new surroundings…all becoming content and happy…counting the seconds!

Quilt with a View wee quilt as Shamus looks on

Quilt with a View wee 3D quilt…

very wee indeed…each square used in this quilt was 1 inch square so the finished quilt is about 2 ¼ inches square not counting the tiny prairie points that were made from 1 inch squares also…wicked tiny! This whole massiveundertaking took about 2 hours start to finish…the top was pieced on the machine, everything else was by hand…

it has iron on batting and hand quilted tiny stitches…I think it turned out very cute! I wanted to use no batik so it would stand out a bit…August 6th 2012

Shamus is feeling much better now that his bandages are off his foot…he took a nice bath to soak his foot and even went for a walk when Olie went for a bike ride…here he is looking up at me while I work on a tiny quilt…what a good boy! August 6th 2012

quilt with a view

yesterday I posted wee paper pieced trees, this is what they will be going into
Quilt With A View contemplation: mostly paper pieced blocks of assorted sizes smallest being 3 inches finished.  All paper pieced blocks from Carol Doak’s book 300 Paper Pieced Block Patterns. House = block # 117 enlarged on copier to 10 inches square, Trees X 3 = block # 044 four inches square, Bird houses = block # 054 (one 4 inches square one elongated to 6X4), Flowers in pots X2 =  block # 103 three inches square, ‘Sun’ = block # 169 (I know it really doesn’t look like a sun, but I think it does the hint of rays quite nicely) 7.5 inches square. The 3D mini quilt which will be attached at the top only will probably something of the postage stamp variety with iron on batting so it hangs rather flat yet floppy…I’ll probably appliqué a wee cat or dog behind it because I can.  The rainbow will be made of left over strips from other quilts, stripes going the way indicated, vertical rather than horizontal; I should be able to get an entire rainbow’s worth of color in then. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll put 2 layers of batting under the rainbow so it can almost be Trapunto but not really…all fabrics used will be mostly batik except the rainbow and the mini quilt. The green grass will actually be fabric that looks like grass with clovers in it.  The blue sky will be assorted shades of blue, teal, sky colored batik. The quilt’s outer border will be brown/hopefully wood grain to look like a window sill. So when it’s all done I can have a quilt with a view at work since I don’t have access to an outside view. Haven’t decided if there will be prairie points or not yet… As of 7/24/2012 I have 2 trees done…this may take a while!

to use the left overs

Rainbow slaps sewn and ready to go into a couple or a few baby quilts…had many strips, (and this isn’t even all of them), left over from this summer’s sock monkey quilts http://wiccanwitchiepoo.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=120#/d4yy9qb & http://wiccanwitchiepoo.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=72#/d51nfkm and the last pieces left from cutting borders for the Our House quilt http://wiccanwitchiepoo.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d57kr7l …even some lovely rows of squares I really didn’t use like I figured I would in the sock monkey quilts…SO I plan on having these rainbows going vertically with thin strips of color between (I have lavender, yellow and I think some green) I figure one quilt will have 3 slabs of rainbow and 2 slabs of monkey…the other three monkey and 2 rainbow….hmmm…I think that’s all I have unless I have a left over rainbow slab and some more monkeys I can make a third quilt adding a few extra borders to fatten it up…course these will all have prairie points made of the left over prairie points from a few massive quilts too…definitely left over quilts are just a nifty as the planned ones! July 19th2012

these will more than likely be donated to sweet babies in need…that’s how I roll!

on my day off

in spite of the continuing heat wave (note Shamus near death wouldn’t even move so I could take a picture) I attached prairie points ALL THE WAY AROUND the OUR HOUSE quilt edge…thought for sure I’d run out! HA I didn’t! Even have a small stack left over for the next adventure! 7-17-2012

Greener Beaners (Not meant in a derogatory manner)
Olie grew the bean plant from seed in Kindergarten…he harvested 3 fabulous beans that he then shared with Jim after Neena cooked them up with a little lemon and salt. OH he’s not sweaty from the harvest…I accidentally hosed him down while watering…honest! 7-17-2012

Check out the monkey on this page!!! EEEEEEEEEEE! It’s one I made!!! OMG that’s so cool!!!


finished 1, working on another, contemplating more…quilts

Jungle bassinet lovie, baby blue backing hand quilted.  This will go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginiahttp://danettesangels.tripod.com  7-14-12

Our House baby quilt grew to an approximate twin sized quilt…62” X 78” I’ll quit adding rainbow borders now…still have prairie points to add to 2 hopefully 3 sides then I can bring it to my mom’s to sandwich it, it’s too massive to sandwich at my house…the backing will be rainbow peace symbols on white. Figure allot of machine quilting and I’ll hand quilt the houses…no idea where this one will live…pretty massive for a wall I’ll probably send it to a Heart baby/young adult at the children’s hospital since it’s pretty big.  If it’s too big for that I’ll send it to Project Linus or perhaps a battered woman’s shelter if I can find one that will take one lone quilt…7-15-12

Prairie point ready to be attached to the Our House quilt…I’m aiming for Tuesday for prairie Point adhesion 7-15-12


Picked up some fun Skelanimals flannel at Douber’s in Waconia (Yeah they had Skelanimals!) and a solid to go with each…backing will be this fabulous peace Minky…put together a boy pileand a girl pile…since I have a yard of each Minky these quilts will be 36 inches square…I’m sure I’ll have left overs of the flannel so I’ll be making a few other lovies with the flannel. These lovies will all go to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginiahttp://danettesangels.tripod.com  7-14-12

Cutting, Sewing and actually completing!

Prairie points for Jazmin’s Halloweenie quilt which may actually be completed by Halloween…although I will not put a year on that Halloween! 6-30-12

Pastel quilt top…this seems like it will be for a girl…yeah…I know with all that blue you’d think a boy would just LOVE it…but alas…think I’ll be giving this to a girl…or donating it…or well you know me! It’s made of left overs for preemie quilts…tops all done…just need to dig through my stash for a backing for it… made this a while back…I really should date these things before I forget where I put them! Um yeah…Shamus is involved in the photo aspect of many a quilt…they are prewashed before exposing them to wee babies…just sayin’ 6-30-12

Purdy Purple Fascinator! I joined a world wide art swap…I really have nothing to do! LOL…so this girl fromNew Zealand likes neat little hats…I just so happened to have a naked little hat without a home…TADA…Purdy purple!  The hat it self is about 2 inches tall and oh the brim is 3.5 inches or so…very dainty! 6-30-12

Bright rainbow/frog/kitty backed baby quilt thus far…It’s all sandwiched and the edge done…just needs copious machine quilting and perhaps a dash of tying with embroidery floss in the middle of each block…bright and fabulous! 7-1-12

Super soft boy preemie/newborn quilts.  Approximately 24 inches square made with fun flannels and Minky squares and backed with cotton…stitched in the ditch with batting…good for under the sweet baby and can become a drag along once he grows up a bit! These will be sent to God’s Tiny Angels in Virginia to be sent to at risk babies! 7-1-12

Super soft girlie preemie/newborn quilts.  Approximately 24 inches square made with fun bright cottons and super fine corduroy squares and backed with cotton…stitched in the ditch with batting…good for under the sweet baby and can become a drag along once he grows up a bit! These will be sent to God’s Tiny Angels in Virginia to be sent to at risk babies! 7-1-12

Wee grrrl preemie/newborn quilt to sell on Etsy…bright pink fine corduroy and cotton sock monkeys…LOVEthe combination of green and pink! Backed with cotton kids fabric…very cute! Love all the little faces! Added a button hole and a plastic ring so it can be attached to a car seat or stroller…don’t you just hate running over the blanket with the stroller?!? Me too! Approximately 24 inches square, with batting and stitched in the ditch machine quilted for durability 7-1-12

Gorgeous sunset caught on June 29th 2012

Black & White Shamus…still figuring out this new camera…6-30-12

Olivia working on those teefers 7-1-12

Liv loves the ball popper…well until something else exciting catches her eye! 7-1-12

Aw…Shamus needs some attention while I’m taking pictures of quilts 7-1-12

This is what’s on my knee every meal time…wonder if he wants a little nibble… 7-1-12

2 Cassie sewing projects

Cass’ heart for my ‘All Who Dwell in My Heart’ quilt. Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ http://www.paperpanache.com/guests/aheart.htm black and cream are the colors I chose for Cass, Sully (her son) and Zoe (her daughter)…Cass is my best friends oldest daughter…I met her (Cass) when she was 3…little blonde blue eyed whirl wind…’get over to the side of the road’… the heart is in black Minky and there’s also black corduroy and a weird woven black as well, very tactile! Her name and her kids are embroidered in black variegated…wicked cool! Completed June 2nd 2012

Managed to get this far on Cassie’s peas and carrots monkey butt baby quilt…next weekend there will be copious tying in shades of peas and carrots…cream for the cream colored blocks…a yummy green backing to go with the peas color…pretty sure it will be done on time for the shower on the 23rd…the quilt is approximately 44 inches across by 50 inches down…happy dance! June 3rd 2012

ready to sew this upcoming rainy weekend

While awaiting the arrival of the Kaffe Fassette fabric (ooh pins and needles) I’ve gather some fun flannels and Minky to make noisy lovies for the 2 up and coming baby showers.

This bit of yumminess if for Cherish whose shower is on the 20th of this month.  Since I know she’s a she I thought lime backing would be dandy with the pink with frogs and blue with turtles.  I’ll be putting a squeaker in one corner and a rattle in the other and a few sheets of cellophane in the middle for some crinkle.

This bright eye catcher is for the shower on the 23rd of June for a baby whose sex hasn’t been let out of the bag yet…figured orange; bugs and bright purple will fit either version of human… I’ll be putting a squeaker in one corner and a rattle in the other and a few sheets of cellophane in the middle for some crinkle.

Bought a thread burner to melt the ends of the ribbons all professional like…I’ll leave one loop on each lovie to add a plastic ring so these lovies can be hooked onto a car seat, stroller or what ever…

This is Olivia’s noisy lovie…I didn’t have any cellophane at the time so it’s not quite as noisy as it could be and she loves the crinkle noise…

Finished they are 18 inches square not counting the ribbons and prairie points poking out…flannel on one side and Minky on the other so the wee ones get the total tactile and sound entertainment in on soft package…