Cherish’s sock monkey quilt almost done!

Cherish Sock Monkey Quilt…

Quilted blocks…this will in fact be completed by the time of the baby shower for wee little Cherish! Fabric

from: Amazon, Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia, Etsy, and a bit of X-mas 2010 from Kris to the K.

each block is 17 inches square including the log cabin strips…bits of each block was hand quilted as I can’t

quite drive my sewing machine with that much accuracy… added ties of almost the background color to

further restrain the batting… April 29th 2012


those who dwell in my heart WIP

‘Those who dwell in my heart quilt’

…thus far…whew…each heart takes about 2 days on and off hand paper piecing, some machine piecing, machine attaching the ribbons the hand embroidering the names (if you look close you’ll see my cursive abilities are a bit lacking) rest assured at least I can read the names lol…so far I’ve completed: Mom (Lavender/Green), Dad (plaids), Jim (Red/Black), Me (Orange/Green), Tabitha (Black/Pink), Jazmin (Purple/Black), Natalia (shades of teal w/ black & red heart),  Heidi (Retro Hippy w/ Beatles), Oliver (fun boy fabrics), Olivia (Pink/Grey), Stephermini (Shades of green), Companion Animals (Beastie Fabrics) and Samhain (Wild Halloween-ie)…I’ve 7 more to make…each heart will eventually be cut down to the size of the smallest one about 7”X8”…I think I’ll frame each with black to make each block pop more…think I’ll skip prairie points as this quilt will be busy enough…unless I go with a black border all around and black prairie points…definitely nothing definite just yet…The pattern was free from:

September 16th 2011

beginning of this quilter

In the beginning…I was trapped on bed rest with my 3rd daughter…trapped from 4 month gestation on…Jaz’ was in a BIG hurry to join the world.  I had personal care nurses come in a few hours a day to help with the house hold stuff and to make sure Tab, almost 3 at the time, had a bit of a life during that lovely pregnancy.  One of those great ladies was a quilter and brought me a box of scraps and other goodies for quilting so I could keep my hands busy while busily doing not much else.  She gave me a few pointers but other wise I was on my own.  These quilts all live in the hallway of out house, helping to deaden the painful echoes and insulate the Northern wall of our ‘vintage’ 1973 house trailer…

The first of my quilting adventure was a bunch of squares that were already cut out and some bunny pillows.  I blended them all together using a horribly itchy blanket as the batting.  Now almost 20 years later I still don’t know how to hand appliqué (much less machine) I whip stitched the bunnies onto the squares after sewing them together by hand.  I had no idea how to finish the quilt or quilt the quilt…so it holds it self together with no quilting or tying…go figure! The bunny quilt was completed in September 1990 and is 37” X 40”, all hand sewn.

Jazmin’s Star Quilt…an adventure into a not-square quilt.  I started this when we lived in our cramped little apartment.  I used cardboard cut outs of the Civil War Sanitary block tracing around them on the wrong side of the fabric then cutting out all the pieces with a scissor…I’d no idea what a rotary cutter was yet. This was started when she was almost 1, I was hoping for this to be her 1st birthday quilt…She finally got it when she was 3, had her own room and a big girl bed. 53”X53”

The Girls Art Quilt… Started in 1993 Completed 1994…Tabitha was 6 and Jazmin was 3 when the art work was created using Crayola Iron on Crayons. I quilted around each pictures using colored embroidery floss to go with the colors in the pictures.  Then the ladies got to pick out beads and buttons to give the quilt a tactile feel.  37”X52”

Sunflower Block Swap Quilt.  I found this in Quilter’s Magazine Newsletter when they had swaps and quilting pen pals noted in the back of the magazine.  WAY before I knew of Yahoo Quilt Groups!  I sent out the bellybutton fabric to 20 other quilter’s and I received 20 other belly button fabrics to create blocks around…This is one quilt made of the blocks I received…other quilts made of these blocks have long since been given away and forgotten.

This quilt was completed in 1994, tied and slightly hand quilted, machine pieced…using a very garish table cloth for the back. 51”X62”

Kewpie Doll Quilt completed 1995 made of fabric swatches in an attempt to look like a watercolor quilt, backed with a hideous black blend fabric I got at a garage sale. Machine quilted with a chunk of cotton batting. 25.5”X25.5”


Shades of Pink Home Sweet Home lap quilt.  Made many a lap/baby quilt using printed pillow panels for the center and wide borders and squares all around.  Prairie point to match and machine quilted.  This is the only one left…slightly sun bleached and rat chewed from rat hugging on the couch in the winter.  Completed in 1995 45”X43”

‘9 Lakes and a Puddle Enlivened by Native Beasties, Ecologically Sound Trails about, the Green Grass Grows All Around’ Quilt.  Completed in March 1998.

I had been gathering fabrics that were just TOO great to throw into just any quilt.  Once I had a nice stack I located the pattern at the local library, ‘Tropical Depression’ is the name of the block, basically a square in a square in a square etc.  Machine pieced with an itchy blanket in lieu of batting, hand quilted. Again not a square quilt.  I added a little more fun to the back using other fabric in the collection I hadn’t added to the front.  Signature square hasn’t faded even after many washes. 62”X54”


There are quite a few other quilts out there I never got pictures of and they no longer live with me…


Busy Birthday weekend

Mammatus clouds floating overhead after a horrid evening of storms.  Watertown only had wind and rain…but none of the tornadoes that struck other towns in Minnesota. June 17th 2010


Shamus taking in the calm after the storm…he really doesn’t like getting his feet wet…silly puppy June 17th 2010

SWGWSW June book case block…my appliqué abilities are rather lacking… 12.5 X 12.5 “ square…note my quilt tag used as a book title J June 18th 2010


Finished Tab’s Yule purple sumo hippo…TOO stinkin’ cute! Think once I finish all the Yule wee quilts I’ll make one of each of the beastie blocks for a beastie quilt! Pattern located in a Quilter’s Ark of paper pieced blocks by Margaret Rolfe.  Completed June 18th 2010


2 dandy Yule humming bird wee lovies…one for Krystine one for Dear ol’ Dad…hmmm about 7.5 square er so. Pattern located in a Quilter’s Ark of paper pieced blocks by Margaret Rolfe.  Completed June 19th 2010


big baby quilt via: crazy quilter’s round robin completed for Joseph at work for his 1st baby who will be making his/her appearance in October this year…it’s about 3.5 feet by 4 feet er so…MASSIVE…machine quilted in the ditch with a light teal backing…love this quilt and I’m sure it’ll be dandy for throwing on the floor for the wee one to sprawl on J finished it on my birthday June 20th 2010


Signature block on the back of Joseph’s 1st baby’s quilt… June 20th 2010


Shamus really needs a hair cut…a bit aloof while I fold and bag up wee baby cloths and lovies to donate. June 21st 2010


Silly Shamus gnawing my knee…such a fun puppy! June 21st 2010

Heidi’s quilt DONE

birdy quilt DONE 11-7-2009
13 days to spare…I finished Heidi’s ( Jim’s wicked cute daughter) Birdy with the Yellow bill quilt.  Each block is 8 inches square and has a bird of some sort in the middle square.  Some left over from other projects, 1 fabric from my SS, one actually purchased for this quilt…I started this and then realized I had mixed my bird fabric with many fish fabric giving me the inkling that I had more bird fabric that I actually did…UGH!
birdy quilt back 11-7-2009
I love the black backing…wow that’s alot of stitching! I drew the stitching patterns on the blocks as I went.  There are 4 of every design except the spider web of which there are three. each design is slightly different so no two are totally alike
birdie signature 8-2-09
fabulous signature block…added Happy Birthday Heidi after completing the quilt on the 7th of November
birdy quilt spider web 11-7-2009
voted the favorite block at our house…I’m working on my next project to show off this quilt design again!

Jazmin’s Charm Quilt


Jazmin my youngest daughter (18) has taken up quilting! I am so excited that she has decided to delve into the sewing arts! She already started a 9-patch with skull fabric and black and red solids, but that has been put away for the moment (ran out of solid red and need a center medalion chunk of fabric for her idea) we went to the Quiltshop on Friday since I have that day off now. She picked out a pre-cut charm set, no idea whitch fabric since as soon as we got home she set to work. There weren’t enough of the colors she wanted so into the stash to cut a plethora of other colors to make the rainbow. I hoping today while I’m at work she’ll dig through the basket of ‘big chunks’ and decide what she wants for borders. Then I think I’ll teach her how to do prairie points since I have a bunch of rainbowie 3 inch square already cut. 🙂 I am ever so proud!

Ode 2 my 1st button hole!

Ode to my 1st buttonhole!


Yeah, well, call me a silly freak…but I’m an ever so proud and giggly silly freak!

With Sally the Singer’s assistance I made my very 1st machined buttonhole!  On the 1st try even!  TO WICKEDLY COOL, even!  I needed a carrying apparatus for my sweet lil not-a-shuffle-iPod-deal since it is so tiny and I don’t wanna loose it.  Yeah I’m 40 and I guess any icky kid in Home Economics or whatever they call it now makes a buttonhole, yadda-yadda-yadda but when I was in home economics, we didn’t make buttonholes…we made these horrid velour mock turtle necks…bleck! Mine was tan…hate tan to this day.  OK so I made my buttonhole last night…showed Oliver, he thought it was too wicked cool as he took one of my chicken nuggets and lipped it viciously before putting it back in the bowl. Showed Jim who was at least feigning to be as excited as I was while taking in the horrid news off the boob tube. Showed Jaz who was totally under-whelmed and had to tell me so.  Oh why must she always deluge on my wee infrequent parades.  Ugh!  Nonetheless…I am proud of my perfectly purple buttonhole…damnit!

Note from my Auntie Elaine:  Now for your information – I don’t think I have EVER made a button hole!  I’ve sewn a button hole to make it smaller so things would stay buttoned… but I don’t even think my Singer has a button hole attachment… so congrats to you and the button hole capability! HAGD EMS

Note from my mom: I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE YOUR BUTTONHOLE!!   Have a pop-free day. Loveya, Mom


Thus I sit here ripping my pile of CDs onto the computer so I can cram them on the sweet-lil-hot-pink-not-a-shuffle-iPod-deal for this upcoming long assed weekend of being quiet in the morning as all sleep in and I sew and the ever so quiet Sally the Singer. Thus far I have: Beck, Radiohead, Aticus dragging the lake, Asleep by dawn, Sublime, 3 Me 1st & the Gimme Gimmes, Lacuna Coil, Bloodhound Gang, Queen, Angie’s Farm: Salad Bowl Blues (TOO COOL, eh! My friend Angie has a CD!), Apocalyptica, hmmm and the one’s I put on yesterday.  These are all CDs that were living in the Jeep…dug around and chucked them in the purse last night while waiting for Tab to get outa work at 7pm…12 hours at Mickey D’s…what a sucky day for her!  Then the moo at home was bad 2 days ago so she walked to the filling station for more.  Oy!


On the weather front…it’s currently snowing pebbly poo on top of the 3 inches of ice…promises to have 6 inches of fantabulous snow by noon.  I slid into the parking lot 3 minutes late today so now I need to stay till 3:33pm to make sure I have my 8 hours.  Bummer is Thursday may be holiday pay but Friday will be no pay… L Thus this week will be more than likely biting butt in the money column: I’ve got car insurance to pay, ½ of rent OR budget $ which ever, and 4 prescriptions 2 of which are not generic so they will be $36 each…hmmm…well at least the bug eaters at home already have crickets, I’ve 1 or 2 cans of cat food for Helga…and hey! We can always go to the food shelf! Sigh, I don’t wanna go to the food shelf! They’re dry goods are always buggy and half the cans are swollen with botulism! Smells oddly painty, gluey, melty in here today… nope nothing on the surge protector gonna catch fire… WOW I have a headache! 

On a slightly better note…Jazmin can stay on my health insurance here till she’s 19 OR gets a job with insurance of her own.  One less thing to smash into my incredibly shrinking funds.