Rather productive long weekend!

house quilt detail house quilt

Of course forgot to take a good picture of the quilt I finished on Friday… here’s a craptacular one via phone camera. Dare say it is indeed nice to sleep under a nice new quilt, although weird as it seems Shamus doesn’t seem to like it. He will only sleep on the old ones. It’s about twin sized, just right for one. Houses were hand paper pieced… rainbow happiness backed with peace symbols on white.

500 Magic Mushrooms ZIA

Onto the drawing front, I finished Magic Mushrooms on a Walk About, not totally ZIA but with a dash. This will be a birthday present for Jazmin once I get it framed. Created on 11X14 Paris paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel, Atyou Spica glitter and Staedtler Triplus for the chaotic color. There are moments of gel pens, glitter pens and assorted other gooey deals that pooped in such a way that some designs changed dramatically after adding color… but I think the point get across quite nicely. Finished June 21st 2014

500 Page 1

Now when not making a massive some thing or other I’m working on filling a Pentalic Illustrators Sketchbook, 8X5…192 pages…my goal is to draw on every page… have an entire book filled as I have never really used up an entire tablet of anything. Page one… Zia of no name other than page one using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel. Still don’t fully trust the paper so I draw with a baggie or other paper between pages. Completed June 17th 2014

500 Find Perfection ZIA

Page 2 better known as Find Perfection I messed about with the Spiral maker Jim got for me on a whim. One turned out perfect… 2 more not so much before I gave up and tangled all over it in hopes of making it adequate enough to leave in the book. Completed June 21st 2014

500 Urban Sprawl ZIA

Page 3 a.k.a. Urban Sprawl… made during yet another rainy day and television viewing sucked so I used mostly .005 Pigma Micron pens for the itty bitty detail and Atyou Spica Glitter pens for the color. June 22nd 2014

500 Page 4 Bithas tired eye

Page 4 otherwise known as Bitha’s Tired Eye ZIA. I love drawing eyes, just one at a time not actually attached to a recognizable face. This is one Tab’s green eyed moments, I will make a hazel Tab/Oliver version eventually. I also have on the list a Jazmin Blue/grey eye, a Jim see through scary icy blue eye, a Nat/Olivia Brown eye. Perhaps one day a lovely Liz Taylor Lavender eye just because I can. This eye was mostly .005 pens for that itty bitty detail and Staedtler Triplus for the shades of eye…look away from the same shade of green oops…OY… Completed June 22nd 2014


Tutorial: Cloth Box with Little Outer Pockets

Cloth box with little outer pockets

how 2 027


how 2 001

2 coordinating or not so coordinating fabrics (fabric used here are RJR Witchie Poo Spiders Green & Grey)

Iron on fleece (I used Pellon®’s 987F Fusible Fleece)

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler

Fabric marking pencil/pen

Iron and ironing board

Sewing machine with your choice of thread



1)     After ironing your fabrics, place them right sides together on your cutting mat.

how 2 002

2)     Using your cutter and ruler cut a 10 inch square out of both.  If you want a larger or smaller box change this size accordingly. Make sure your square is square.

how 2 004

3)     Iron one scare onto fusible fleece.  Trim fleece to the size of the square.

how 2 005how 2 006

4)     Sew both squares, right sides together, with fleece on the outside leaving an opening to turn your square right side out. Use a scant ¼ inch.

how 2 007how 2 008

5)     Trim as close to the sewn line as possible without cutting the stitches.

how 2 009

6)     Trim a little of the fusible fleece from the opening to make it easier to close using care so as not to trim the fabric.

how 2 010

7)     Turn your square right side out using a pokey deal of your choosing to make the corners nice and pointy.

how 2 011

8)     Iron your lovely sewn square.  Both sides just to be sure.

how 2 012how 2 013

9)     Pin the opening shut

how 2 014

10) Sew all the way around as close to the edge as possible, closing the opening as you go.

how 2 015

11) Machine quilt your square liberally.

how 2 016

12) Fold your square in half the inside fabric on the inside.

13) Using your handy dandy ruler and a fabric marking device, mark a 3 inch triangle on both folded corners.

how 2 017

14) Sew along your marking remembering to backstitch at the beginning and the end.

15) Now fold your box in the other direction…looks kind of messy but really it will work!  Once again mark 3 inch triangles on the two non-sewn folded corners.

how 2 018

16) Sew these 2 triangles as well.

how 2 019

17) Weird looking tulip type deal…neato!

how 2 020

18) Pin down the 4 points

how 2 021

19) Pin open the 4 small outer pockets.

how 2 022

20) You could stop here if you don’t mind constantly pinning yourself…

21) Next batch of ingredients: note I changed the buttons. Scissor,  thread, needle, thimble as needed.

how 2 024

22) On each triangle you’ve pinned down sew a button.  You can use ribbon roses or anything else that peaks your interest

how 2 023

23) Tack each of the 2 corners of each little outer pocket.  You can leave these without sewing them but I though it just tidied up the whole thing.

how 2 025

24) Welcome to your completed fabric box with little outer pockets.

how 2 026

This one will be gracing my desk during Halloween!

how 2 027


The buttons look a little messy with the thread over the spiders but these had no shank backs and I don’t get along with glue.

how 2 028how 2 030

These little boxes can be squished quite nicely so could be mailed out in a fat envelope.  This whole pile of happiness too about an hour or so.

how 2 029

Rather productive StayCation

Very productive 5 day staycation!


Celestial Rainbow a large lap quilt I started in 2009 and just finish will be going to my Auntie Ev when my mom visits her…lots of hand quilting in the 2 large circles one’s a sun and the other is a moon.  I machined the borders…love all this bright happy fabric, frogs, bug and buttons…it’s backed with black that has embroidered dots in a rainbow of colors. Finally finished December 29th 2013.


Christmas gifts of fabrics from Tabitha and my mom! Mom got me a massive pile of cottons, socks for beasties and fun buttons. Tabitha got me scrumptious flannels and a fabulous Gingher scissor! I can cut through 5 layers of fabric at a time… December 25th 2013 wow I really need to get sewing!


Tagasaursi (multiple tagasauruses) the cute Camo one and giant lady bug one already have homes, the other 2 will be going to God’s Tiny Angels.  The pattern for these via: http://www.bubblesandbobbins.com/2012/03/tutorial-how-to-make-dinos…

December 29th 2013

Massive stacks of flannel…Think I’d better get to work! December 28th 2013


My modern troll audience hanging out on my lamp (thanks Tab) can always use more color in my sewing space! December 26th 2013

Fabric Box, 1st try, found this idea on http://seaside-stitches.blogspot.com/2013/03/fabric-box-tutorial.html but rather than putting the little triangles on the inside I put them on the out so they can be used as tiny pockets…perhaps I’ll make up a tutorial for this version.  With the copious amounts of fabric I will be making quite a few of these for Christmas 2014…December 29th 2013

Blue & Green Fabric box made for my Shoebox Swap partner (2014) December 29th 2013

Think I’ll make a tutorial for this version with the little pockets on the outside…

Al who dwell in my heart on the WALL


The All Who Dwell in my Heart quilt is totally done and on the wall…doesn’t hang perfectly flat but hey after 3 years of hand paper piecing what does one expect!  20 heart blocks hand stitched, hand embroidered than ribbons added by machine…whew…it’s machine quilted in the ditch between the blocks…haven’t quite decided if I want to tackle hand quilting each heart yet…the back is a fabulous lavender paisley with orange and retina burning color combinations…edged in white with tiny buttons…kinda garish once it was complete but I’m not one to just tear something apart because it’s garish…that and I hate ripping out seams! Finally on the wall October 6th 2013


Sew I’m sewing again…just like riding a bike…

almost completed a sweet baby/toddler/wheelchair-bound-knee-warmer quilt…flannel with Minky front with coordinating flannel for the back.  Sea foam and lavender really go nicely together.  Used a thin iron-on batting that gives it a nice drape, very comfortable for the summer months.  Now…do I donate it, Give it or sell it.  If I sell it I can use the funds towards my next donation shipment that I have 2  currently waiting to leave…If I donate it, it will have to wait till I can afford to ship it…and who to give it to… It’s approximately 36 inches square, machine quilting for durability…the squares were already together, it’s a cheater quilt on the bolt…I’ve noticed one area where their stitching is a bit loose so I’ll be adding a little something, a butterfly or flower to cover the loose stitches when I’m done quilting.  Oh all those fabulous shiny safety pins…just there for the moment…lol…think there’s about ½ hour of work left on this one.  I have a boy version of cheater quilt too…perhaps that one will be next…oh who knows! June 24th 2013

500 room getting better 6-24-13


The white is slowly breaking up into pleasing negative space…I have a massive Jimi Hendrix poster to put up, along with Henry Rollins young and screaming into a microphone and a few more painting adventures to hang once I find them in the closet full of boxes…ugh a closet full to still empty…perhaps over the next holiday I’ll have the energy…or maybe I’ll just sew! Oh I love 3M Velcro mounting deals that don’t damage walls! June 24th 2013



Jim’s Meningioma quilt is done

Jim’s Meningioma Tumor Star Quilt…

started February 1st 2013 completed March 4th 2013

All cotton fabric with polyester batting, 52 inches square the center star was made by darknightsky@deviantart.com and given in an art trade, the rest of this rainbowie happiness was machine pieced by Elaine the ever lovin’ wife of James A Myhre My Lima Bean Man the stripe border was made from left over rainbow colors from the Quilt with a View there are monkey squares left over from a couple monkey baby quilts made in 2012 the purple/blue chunk border is made from fabric received from a lovely lady in the Quilter’s Coven. theres also a border of Autism puzzle fabric… the quilting was done all be hand by Elaine…in each of the monkey squares there’s a star quilted… a star for each hour Jim was in surgery…a star for each day he was in the hospital…and a star for every day Oliver, Olivia and Shamus missed him while he was gone… there are 3 monkey squares too small for the star template, in those there’s a J, I, and a M quilted.

In the first white border there’s a poem quilted:

Star Light Star Bright

First Star I see Tonight

I wish I may I with I might

Have the Wish I wish tonight

On the back of the quilt in the signature square there’s the words from the book I Like Stars that Oliver can read to us this year! Quilt was kinda named (well it says this on the signature square) ‘Starlight in my Eye’

Hands to Work

up to 32 week sized diaper sets, half will go to God’s Tiny Angels and the others will wait till I find a hospital to send them to. February 2nd 2013

Home is Where the Heart is Quilt all washed and ready for shipment to the Children’s Heart Clinic in Minneapolis MN February 2nd 2013

the next quilt getting ready to be shipped to Rose of Sharon for quilting in Onyx CA February 2nd 2013

one of 5 wee burial bonnets finished this weekend haven’t decided where these will be going yet February 3rd 2013

Retro owl baby sized quilt

…found this wicked end of bolt panel at Duber’s in Waconia…whim shopping…the backing is white flannel with hot pink stars…guess this is a girlie quilt then…approximately 30 by 45 inches…give er take…no idea where this quilt will eventually reside…currently is patiently waiting for the next load of baby stuff to be washed.  January 5th 2013


Itty bitty burial bonnets

…found this tiny pattern on line for free: http://www.sewingforbabies.com/Patterns.htm I dare say the fabric with embroidery and flowers appliquéd is lovely…but quite horrid to sew…won’t be getting it again…the fabric is super thin lighter than hankie material and the appliqué is very heavy…makes for a beautiful bonnet but I almost gave up after the 1st needle broke.

These tiny bonnets are about 2 inches tall and 1.75 inches wide…very teeny.  Made 24 total…now contemplating my box of white quilting cotton to make a few more.  Many will be going to God’s Tiny Angelshttp://www.godstinyangels.com/ I’ll keep a few to ship out with teeny diapers…January 6th 2012


500 morticia 2 1-5-13

Morticia-Venom von Stingovich…(Emperor Scorpion) our lovely new companion beastie…She, well we really can’t tell is she is really a she…lives right next door to Endora the tarantula…to wickedly cool beasties we refrain from petting…she’s a Jazmin/Elaine communal pet…January 5th 2012

500 Morticia 1 1-5-13

a little happy…a little sad…

It is with heavy heart I shopped my favorite quilt shop with the understanding that it is for salehttp://www.heavenlypatchworkquiltshop.com/index.html …Oh to have $ and business sense I would so snatch it right up if only to keep it in existence for all the quilters in the area… >tears< I just hope someone will buy it and keep it a fabulous quilt shop…hinting to anyone out there in the mood for a business to own…hint…hint…but I digress…purchased this lovely pile of fat quarters and yardage to make teeny diapers out of…have the fat quarters all chopped up already…LOVE the elephants and owls…so cute! No idea where these teeny diapers will eventually be going…

on a postal note I shipped out my first batch of teeny diapers to Banner Churchill hospital in Fallon Nevada via Teen Tears http://teenytears.blogspot.com yesterday…also shipped out the bulging box of sock critters to Clown without Boarders South Africa http://cwbsa.org and the holiday monkey swap for 6 Degrees of Creativityhttp://6degreesofcreativity.wordpress.com holiday monkey is on his way to Italy…ITALY…wicked cool!…there’s something fulfilling about going into the post office with the arm load of packages and knowing they’re all on their way to making someone’s day! Let’s making it the giving season 365 days per year…really lets! I’ll get off my soap box now… November 29th 2012

QWAV detail TLH pink Operation Sock Monkey ;)

Tiny Little Houses quilt pink house # 2

…not quite finished…but looking neat! Pattern was FREE athttp://www.forestquilting.com/paperpiecing_free/paperpiecing_free_p… (Crazy Crooked House by Patrice Trnka Adams) this house I did as planned…blue window, definitely different colored door so it sticks out and eventually this fun green for the grass…did most of it while trying not to pay attention to the Republican convention poo on the boob tube…vomitrocious…will be embroidering a door knob on the door in some fabulous color…this block is about 8 inches square…I like the crookedness of it…totally a bubble off if you will! Almost finished on August 30th2012

Realized I never took detailed photos of the Quilt With a View…the 3D flowers are really fun and add some tactile aspects to it along with the wee quilt hanging in front of the wee Shamus…call me a freak…really go for it…but I really like the look of hand stitching on a quilt even if my stitches aren’t fabulously even or tiny.

I like that I can look at this and see the effort I put into it…I can remember what was going on around me while working on it…like the discover that Olivia doesn’t like it when I quilt rather than pay attention to her…and Shamus doesn’t really mind pins when laying on a quilt I’m working on…

Oh and that I should have put the clothes pins on last…my thread was forever catching on them when I was quilting near them…as I totally prattle on…giggle…and guffaw… pics taken August 31st 2012…during a lovely Blue Moon!

On a great googily moogily happy note: the 2nd box of sock beasties has made it to Operation Sock Monkey in Canada http://www.operationsockmonkey.com/…these beasties will eventually be given to needy children in other countries…they could be in Africa, East Asia…who knows…but some little someone will have one of my beasties as a squishy little friend… massively huge grin! August 29th 2012