new critters

detail Lazuli 9-5-14 Lazuli 9-5-14

Lazuli… Cobalt Blue tarantula…wee sweet little baby… he’s not really blue yet… if he’s a he, he will probably be a bit bland in color but if he is a she, she will become quite gorgeous. He, I’m just using that moniker because he has proven to be kind of a snotty little he type person, has already tried to be vicious, running like lightening to escape his lovingly appointed tank then rearing up to show us his itty bitty teeth… was hard not to giggle at his tininess, he is after all about the size of a dime… Granted I guess I would be a bit of a snot too if my shipping container had been thrown quite unceremoniously onto the porch by the jerky Fed Ex guy… He arrived with a dull thud on September 5th 2014

rafael 9-6-14Olie and rafael 9-6-14 Oliver and Rafael 9-6-14

Oliver with his new not-a-Chihuahua-Russian Tortoise, Rafael. Yes named after the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle with the purple headband and knifey deals… I’m not totally up on the TMNT craziness. Rafael is less than a year old, may grow to 10 inches long and could live up to 55 years. So far he really likes violets, blue berries and freshly mown grass. Over the winter we will be growing a patch of grass and clover for him downstairs with us… he resides in a wading pool under Oliver’s loft bed. He runs little tortoise laps in circles around his water dish. He was acquired on September 6th… just because he was there…