weekend in stitches

Paper pieced Broomstick Witch…the broom part didn’t line up quite perfectly but she’s fabulous nonetheless…She’s from a set of patterns purchased from: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/other/busy-bodies-paper-pie…

She’s all hand stitched and is 9 inches square. September 7th 2013

Paper pieced Wise Ol’ Wizard…ok so he’s not that old with his youthful auburn hair and beard but he’s looking fabulous in his candy corn hat! He’s from a set of patterns purchased from:http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/other/busy-bodies-paper-pie…

He’s all hand stitched and is 9 inches square September 8th 2013

Finished my first set of paper pieced Busy Body witchie friends. Onto the next set: Wand Wieldershttp://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/other/wand-wielders-paper-p… !  I plan on piecing 4 complete sets of witchie friends into a fabulous quilt that I’ll be keeping for a change…no really, I mean it this time! I will be sewing up Monster Madness http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/other/monster-madness-paper…  and Friendly Familiars http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/other/friendly-familiars-pa… too. September 8th 2013


Boris n Shamus n Wilma

The Boris block is done after 2 weekends of on again off again work…and he is fabulous!  This block pattern is free from: http://fandominstitches.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/pattern_bluescl…

I blew him up on a copier so he’d be larger.  The block is 16 inches square with 2 ¾ inch border all around. He’s made of cotton with a Minky wing…I received the fabulous yellow fabric in a fabric swap…his beak is left over Batik from another swap, feet from a batik charm pack…and the blue…hmmm…that was just laying in the blue bin of fabric waiting for a home.

Color me silly but I always like the look of the back of these blocks I accomplish.  I hand sew all of it as my machine really likes sewing fast and I tend to over shoot when I foundation piece on it.  So many tiny stitches went into Boris…

Close up…itty bitty stitches…I don’t keep track of how long each block takes…lets just say quite a few movies played and the 1st season of the X-Files to get Boris stitched.

Here he is after a couple hours of quilting and receiving his nostrils and pupils…he positively screams I CAN SEE…he will make a bright fabulous addition to the rubber ducky motif of the bathroom!

Shamus just came in from a romp out side…is there something on his face?!?

Green Wilma giving me the stink eye after being fed the last monster worm…

a quilt named Applebee’s

A brain storm of a quilt called Applebee’s


Center block is already made…


note: the border around it is not asymmetrical…the photo editor just kind of cropped it that way… the middle block is called Apple-Bees for my first date with my now husband…yup Applebee’s at Ridgedale Mall and Jazmin was our chaperone. Even though I really don’t care for red I will probably keep this quilt if I ever make it since the middle block has meaning. 🙂 The red borders will be some sort of red apple fabric.

The blue border will be a blue batik to go with the blue in the center block. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the blue in the block or have any more as I got it in a swap, it’s a wonderful dappled blue with metallic gold sprinkled in…

the black and yellow borders will be oh I’m thinking 3.5 inch squares and either Amish solids or some fabulous batiks that are almost solid.

Of course the whole quilt will be finished up with yellow and black prairie points!

The corner blocks I think I’ll paper pieced bees and apples …I just need to locate the paper piece patterns I used…I made the center block over a year ago…I’m a touch flighty after I accomplish something and at the time the block itself was the accomplishment…who would think that far into the future to make a quilt out of a quilt block?!? Only thing is the apple is slightly larger than the bee sooooo I guess I’ll add borders to the bee till it’s the same size as the apple so the wide borders are the same width…I’m odd like that…

Okey Dokey so the apple paper pieced pattern can be found at: http://fandominstitches.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/pattern_ofenjen_apple.pdf


And here’s the sweet honey bee pattern: http://piecebynumber.com/honeybee.htm


The Applebee’Z quilt contemplated 5/18/2012

Welcome to MAY babee


Completed Apple Bees block for Donna via the SWGWSW swap… The apple pattern is from Sew Hooked: http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/paper_piecing/edited/5_inch_apple.jpg The bee is from piece by number: http://www.piecebynumber.com/pastbom/beepatt.htm Does the block look a bit off center?!? Did that on purpose since both Jim and I are a bubble off and this block is supposed to be of a place that means something to me. My 1st date with Jim was at Apple Bees… block is 12.5X12.5 finished on May 1st 2010…the swap is for July…what can I say, I was in a hurry…


Apple # 2…this one is for the block I’m making for my SWGWSW swap quilt. The pattern is from SEW Hooked: http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/paper_piecing/edited/5_inch_apple.jpg Look almost good enough to eat…well maybe, I don’t recall any blue apples…I’m sure a scientist some where is working on that…LOL Block is 5.5 inches thus far… May 2nd 2010

Yet another Witch for my WBS (Witch Bonnet Sue) Quilt. This one is a green eyed monster…I’ve have the purple spider fabric for oh about 10 years now…the Celtic green I thought would look lovely for the hat… block is 12.5X12.5 and the pattern started out at a fabric postcard pattern that I blew to 8.5X11 so it would be larger on this block. Pattern from Quilt Concepts: http://www.quiltconcepts.com/quilt/patterns/free/witch-paper-pieced-pattern.pdf Finished May 2nd 2010

Jim and Shamus after a long day mowing…a bit tired but never too tired for a good wrestling match on the floor…hmmm…who has the bluest eyes?!? May 2nd 2010