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preemie angel bonnets 10-26-14

Made a pile of preemie sized bonnets out of wide cotton edging, I think they turned out great! Also hand sewed 3 angel bonnets. These will all be going to GTA with the next box. 10-26-2014


Shamus celebrated his 4th birthday with scrambled eggs… look fast he snatched them up before the camera could focus!




blocks for the Peeps quilt and a few lovies

Peep Block Shamus 8-30-14

Finished the Shamus block using grey button Zombie fabric I got in a set of fat quarters a while back. His little jacket is from another fat quarter set Beatles Yellow Submarine. Fairy frost for his ‘sky’ and neato green from a fabric swap last year. Threw on some buttons and a yellow doily sun. I think he turned out pretty cute. His block is 8X10 inches. Completed August 30th 2014 His pattern was free at:

Peep Block Jeep 8-31-14

The heap of Jeep signature block… I guess it’s a 2 door… oh well! Doily wheels…I’m considering them white walls, as I didn’t have any black ones. You’ll note no rust or bumper stickers… I figure when I quilt it eventually I’ll quilt little rectangles all over it. Block is 8X10, finished it August 31st 2014 this block pattern is part of a kit that’s free:

Peep Block Keek 9-1-14

Keek (Upstairs kitty) block took a while, and I did do her back at the wrong angle… guess she’s arching her back up… She’s made of corduroy (which is wicked fun to hand stitch) assorted cottons with a 3-D tail… I layered the buttons for her eyes because her eyes are both yellow and green… tiny crocheted lady bug for all the bugs the stalks around the house. Now that I’m getting a few blocks on the design wall I am realizing just how difficult it will be to quilt this! Her block is 8X10 and completed on September 1st 2014 the cat block was free at:

Pony blankets 9-1-14

While cleaning was being done I managed to hide in my sewing room and finished Olivia’s birthday big girl fleece Pretty Pony blanket. Out of the left-overs from that blanket I made 2 newborn sized fleece blankets edged with rainbow satin. Last time I was at Walmart I found a remnant of pre-quilted jungle fabric so I made 2 preemie bassinet sized boy blankets with satin edging. September 1st 2014

moments in ZIA

Zombie Cuttlefish ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art)

Zombie Cuttlefish ZIA 5-24-14

Zombie because Oliver thought with his (yup it’s a he) legs all up in the air like that you can almost hear the dead groans… >braaaaaaaaaaaaaains< if you will. So I colored his eyes a dear chartreuse and lavender… No idea if lavender is a very dead color…but it went nicely with the limey green. He was created on 11X14 Paris paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel, Atyou Spica glitter and Staedtler Triplus for the occasional color. The gel pens added a nice tactile dimension that I couldn’t quite capture on film. Dare say I am SO enjoying using this big paper, and no bleed through…fabulous! Finished May 24th 2014

Not a Shamus schnauzer ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art)

Not Shamus ZIA 5-26-14

though it would have been lovely to actually accomplish a Shamus…sadly this does not look like him. For one you can see his eyes…and his beard is lily white… totally not our ragamuffin pup! He was created on 11X14 Paris paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel, Atyou Spica glitter and Staedtler Triplus for the occasional color. The gel pens added a nice dimensional shine in his eyes and nose you can feel. Can you feel it?!? Finished May 26th 2014

Space Man Monkey Toes Falls ZIA

Space Man Monkey Toes Falls ZIA 6-1-14

…only accessible via Crooked Mac-a-Roni Sidewalk (see odd acrylic painting from ages ago) the falls seem a bit thick…probably not much splashing…more like blobby flopping of gregarious globules… This was quite the nice practice of color and shading…I guess… was created on 11X14 Paris paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel, Atyou Spica glitter and Staedtler Triplus for the occasional color. The gel pens added a nice shine to the toe like water blobs…really can’t catch the 3-d-ness on film…more of a tactile thing…with clean hands of course! Finished June 1st 2014

autism awareness, sewing with Shamus

500 BLUE fb id 3-30-14


500 gift boxes 3-30-14

10 gifts closer to being done holiday gift making 2014! oh if you notice one of these may be yours please Men in Black memory eraser light thingy your brain pan so you’ll still be surprised in December! I made these using my tutorial:

Completed during the Walking Dead March 30th 2014

500 Liv dresses 3-30-14

2 wee summer dresses for Olivia, can’t wait for her to visit on Wednesday so I can take her picture in them! March 30th 2014

500 sham looking up 3-30-13

Shamus in his regular resting spot when I’m sewing…pretty sure he can see me!

Flannel, Shamus, sun pups

Found a couple of printed panels at JoAnn Fabrics when I ran there for ribbon…and yes the fabric isn’t really stored by the ribbon…Jaz located them for me…nonetheless…each panel has 2 bibs and 2 burp cloths on them so I bought a boy (monkey) and a girl (paisley Elephants) version…total cuteness! These I think I’ll put away for the next baby born but I also took a few measurements and out of a yard of flannel I can get a newborn receiving blanket and a matching bib and burp cloth to make cute little sets to donate… in this pile there are the bib and burp cloths as well as the next batch of large buntings…just need ironing and top stitching! January 27th 2014

Shamus being rudely awakened during his post bath nap…he is so soft after his bath I could help but pet him! January 26th 2014

Sun dogs book ending the sunset.  You can’t really tell but there’s a 50 mile per hour wind rushing across the field…not pictured the waist high drifts I walked through to get this lovely unobstructed view.  Looked much rainbowier in real life… Delano MN January 26th 2014

Yule Tide Silliness

I’m dreaming of a glowing flamingo Christmas…well OK doesn’t really roll off the tongue like the song…but he is fabulously tacky!

The ever elusive Keek the upstairs cat Shamus hears but can never really see…

The stockings were hung and filled to capacity by the stairway with care…course I’m sure everyone has been peeking into theirs as they walk by…

This year’s wicked cool Christmas tree…can’t quite see the wee purple lights for all the dangly deals…note the 2 gifts that still say Amazon on them…Jim couldn’t wrap them while I was in the room…I may just open those one’s 1st!

Sunset 7 days and counting to the great Christmas Chaos…

Oliver sewed a bed out of felt…he’s now working on making a Jack Skellington to sleep in it.


Try as we might, getting Shamus to be a happy Christmas boy just didn’t work out…

Sitting up waiting to leap from the chair

Noticing that the antlers are too heavy for his neck

Looking at Oliver pleading for an escape

Forlorn…poor baby giving up

Oliver can dress like a puppy for Christmas just fine!

a little sewing can go a long way!

Burp cloths in process.  Half will go to God’s Tiny Angels the other half will go to Wright County here in Minnesota for the teen mommies.  Each will have 2 matching burp cloths in a baggie. December 8th 2013

Cheater quilts patiently waiting for some top stitching.  I’m thinking the lovely flowered one will go to a sweet little toddler I know for Christmas.  The other 2 will be joining about 22 other blankets/quilts for the blanket drive for God’s Tiny Angels. December 8th 2013

Flannel and cotton waiting some serious ironing and slicing up…Receiving blankets, teeny diapers, angel wraps, perhaps newborn snap gowns and buntings will be just flying out of this pile bound for God’s Tine Angels, Teeny Tears, Angel Outfitters and perhaps a few will go to the teen mommies here in Minnesota…just need the time and energy! December 8th 2013

Olivia with a box on her eye…no idea she’s now into having something on her face when you take her picture December 6th 2013

Newborn sized hospital gown with snaps. December 8th 2013

Newborn sized snap on hospital gown on a newborn sized doll…front and back…I am now out of snaps ugh…have some on order though so I can keep snapping up wee gowns! December 8th 2013

2 newborn sized snap on gowns.  These will be going to God’s Tiny Angels 2014 December 8th 2013

Snoozy Shamus (naughty boy) sleeping on Jazmin’s chair in her absence December 8th 2013

Thank you card I received from a hospital here in Minnesota that I sent a batch of Teeny Tears diapers to.  I dare say it’s nice to hear occasionally that what I’ve done helps people!

Shamus in glorious color


Shamus with his nifty hair cut in front of the fabulous Judi made rainbow afghan…lovely! November 23rd 2013

Shamus looking pointedly at me while I’m cutting flannel…guess he needs something! November 24th 2013

Tired Shamus after his day at the groomer…hugging his giant honker dog… November 23rd 2013

Shamus gazing at the boob tube…or perhaps just snoozing November 23rd 2013

Ah Shamus over the shoulder stop-taking-my-picture look November 24th 2013

holiday sewing


Olivia’s Christmas Hello Kitty Quilt all done washed and ready for wrapping…yeah my machine quilting abilities are kind of lacking…I figure she will drag it about till  it’s shreds… November 17th 2013

Shamus looking mighty furry as he watches me package angel wraps. November 17th 2013

silly Shamus

Shamus having a few silly moments with his blanket.  Don’t tell Olivia though, she thinks it’s still hers in spite of the spit, tooth marks and Shamus funky smell to it now.

Habeeb Shamus

Sprawled on the floor Shamus

Tongue Shamus

Yoga Shamus

October 27th 2013