sewing for sweet Mya


Just a little something for sweet Mya, Olivia’s BFF.  Love this quilted fabric! I am so glad it’s going to a little someone I know! December 15th 2013


paper pieced heart WIP -n- Shamus

Good Works heart WIP

for my All Who Dwell in my Heart Quilt. Made this block out of cottons and flannel I’ve used to make quilts, lovies, angel pockets and teeny diapers  I plan on making a super teeny diaper to sew onto the orange spackled fabric.  The monkey in the heart is for all the sock monkeys and sock beasties that now reside across the planet and that wee sheep with the pacifier is for all the babies I’ve helped keep warm.…the pattern is free and can be found at: I blew it up a bit on the copier…paper pieced by hand…that’s how I roll…I’ll be adding ribbons by machine and hand embroider ‘good works’ on the frame of the heart.  Paper piecing Completed July 15th 2013…block is about 8.2 inches square. One more block to go and I’ll have all 20 blocks completed for this quilt!

monkey celebration


Monkey Celebration wallpaper…

Monkeys have gone to India via Operation Sock Monkey in Canada

To Haiti via Haiti by Hand

And to New Jersey via 6 Degrees of Creativity

And wa la…wallpaper… 🙂 November 20th 2012

my monkeys made it to Haiti!

My monkeys have made it to Haiti! Via

Here’s a wee recipient of one of my monkeys…eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…so happy to see one of my sock beasties actually going to someone to be loved!

I remember just a couple months ago chopping up these holiday socks and making this happy monkey with a hat! This makes all that sewing so worthwhile! November 16th 2012

sewing foot wear critters

So much more fun than winterizing the house!!!

5 of the 9 or 10 stubby-legged-baby-safe-rattle-tummied-anklet-beasties destined for God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia  They are WIP thus far; I want to get all the Lilliputians sewn together before embroidering all their wee cute faces on.  Love the silly alien on the lower right with his funny antennas and tail.  Most of these anklets were a set from Walmart, the Argyle is from Target, and the alien sock were from Lady Foot Locker, outrageous prices but fabulous colors! October 28th 2012

The last of the almost finished monkeys is now finished! The Doily eyed Harlequin monkey…this one seems male in spite of the doily eyes!  He has an odd button nose and 3 assorted buttons down his chest.  Embroidered grim matches the doilies.  He’ll be going to with the very next shipment! October 27th 2012

Oliver’s wee man…This little dude will be residing in Olie’s X-mas stocking till the big day…Olie picked out the sock, the smallest baby sock I had…super tiny newborn…took me a while but I managed to get this little dude all done by hand for Oliver.  French knot eyes and a tiny button on his chest.  Note: tape measure…he is very tiny! October 27th 2012

Well the basket is smashed full I think it’s time to ship a few beasties out before I start having escapes! Zarlaks, monkeys, wee beasties…most if not all will eventually find their way to Operation Sock Monkey in Canada and go from there to the 4 corners of the planet in search of a wee person to love! October 29th 2012

sock stew and sock slicings

Old sock and lemon stew…

not quite as hearty as some of my crock pot adventures… this was brought to light by my friend Angie… ‘Discolored socks will look white again if you boil them for a few minutes in a pan of water with a slice of lemon in it.’ Well out of all these socks I got one pair I feel will work for a sock monkey, the rest are well quite used and still rather ugly, back into the sock drawer! Although it was fun to have the family come out smelling the chicken in the oven then look into the stock pot full of old socks…I didn’t ladle any into a bowl however… October 23rd 2012

1 monkey and 6 will be baby proof stubby legged beasts chopped and ready to sew.  There will be stubby monkeys, stubby cats and at least 1 stubby puppy/bunny depending where I put the ears. The baby safes will be going to God’s Tiny Angels in WV.  No idea how quick I can get them all done though…Gotta get to that sewing machine I’m on the last ready to finish monkey! October 24th 2012

Mz Lavender Wee in process, since these are all by hand I don’t have to contemplate getting to the machine.  This one may be for my mom.  She said this is all she wants for X-mas…sigh…How do I spoil a person with one lone sock creature?!? October 24th 2012

sewing and Shamus birthday!

9 fabulous fleece newborn sized lovies for God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia, also made 1 extra lovie out of the black with candy corn for Olivia’s first Halloween. All have rainbow serged edges. October 21st 2012

Monkey of the daisy eyes…found these plastic daisies at an occasional shop…just knew they would make fabulously tactile eye additives for a monkey or beast.  Socks from Target, stacked buttons on her chest, she must be a ‘her’, look at those eye lashes! Variegated floss smile, dare say I’m really loving this variegated embroidery floss! She will more than likely be going to Operation Sock Monkey

October 21st 2012

Monkey holiday ruffled hat…got these socks last year after Christmas at Walmart…yup that’s how long they’ve been sitting around my house waiting to become someone!  They were so long that he has a fabulous tail and this great hat! Hand painted washer backed eyes almost match the green in the socks and ribbon with beaded holiday lights make this monkey very not baby proof but fabulous nonetheless! He will more than likely be going to Operation Sock Monkey October 21st 2012

Monkey of L-O-V-E…most of the love is upside down, this happens with my version of sock monkeys, but his ears spell out love quite nicely! He also has a dangler on his ribbon that says Live Laugh Love!  Neon pink eyes and more variegated floss for his smile…he’s very cute! He will more than likely be going to Operation Sock Monkey October 20th 2012

Mr. Wee…tiny Lilliputian made of only one baby sock this little dude can fit in the palm of you hand…Already have a little girl in mind, who I’m pretty sure shares a doll house with her sister that this little squishy would be perfect for!  Pattern found in the book Stray Sock Sewing, Too: More Super-Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by: Daniel. All hand sewn, no way these minuscule parts would work on the machine. Sewing for the upcoming holidays…October 20th 2012

Mr.  & Mz Wee…tiny palm sized lovies each made from one baby sock… Already have 2 little girls in mind, who I’m pretty sure share a doll house that these little squishies would be perfect for!  Pattern found in the book Stray Sock Sewing, Too: More Super-Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by: Daniel. All hand sewn, there no way the machine could sew these itty bitty parts without eating them! Sewing for the upcoming holidays! October 20th 2012

Shamus getting his birthday bath…poor guy hates bath time, in spite of the yummy tea tree bubbles and warm water! October 20th 2012

Shamus stealing his cake…well guess he can’t steal it since it’s his…but he could have tried to pose for his 3rdbirthday! Note: plate and Spork…

as he is thumbless I didn’t think he’d be using the Spork, it came with the cake…no candles either…I kinda figured he’d do this…October 20th 2012

Shamus with is birthday gifts…mind you he’s already chewed the corner off the squeaky ribs and is working on removing the squeaker from the Frankenweenie toy…boys…whatcha gonna do with them! October 20th 2012

Shamus’ post birthday tummy rub…total giggle-ee-tude! October 20th 2012

into the bowels of monkey madness

fallen into the bowels of monkey madness…

monkey madness

well assorted repurposed foot gear beastie insanity…they’re coming! all the sock creatures to smother me in my sleep…yeah silliness I know and Shamus McSuchy-Myhre was busily mauling my foot as I don’t normally sprawl on the living room floor with a heaping serving of sock beasts…I needed a new photo anyway…

OH and massive happy 3rd birthday to my sweet schnauzer Shamus!

Monkey Madness not to be confused with Reefer Madness

Monkey Madness…

A Cautionary tale features a fictionalized… OK not really fiction as I am quite real…and highly exaggerated take on the purchase, dismemberment and reconstruction of foot wear of assorted variety and quality. No cartel socks were used in the making of these monkeys.  A singleton of a monkey maker will lead innocent socks into the depths of madness to become monkeys or perhaps the dreaded Zarlak!  You too can become addicted skipping wild parties to stay home with some Jazz music playing or what ever you have lying about to slice up some fabulous foot coverings and create new life out of them in the form of simian silliness!

The insane amount of sock animal life made in about the last month or so…don’t try to locate a 12 step program for me…I’m too far gone…I can’t even purchase socks to actually wear now without contemplating what kind of beast might be lurking in the print/texture/stretch…out of control!  In fact I bought socks to actually wear with an outfit and Jaz thought for sure I’d be making someone out of them…I still may after they go through the wash…

Monkey Madness!!! Like reefer madness but without all the coughing and weird dancing, in glorious full Technicolor not coming to theaters near you October 19th 2012