Rather productive long weekend!

house quilt detail house quilt

Of course forgot to take a good picture of the quilt I finished on Friday… here’s a craptacular one via phone camera. Dare say it is indeed nice to sleep under a nice new quilt, although weird as it seems Shamus doesn’t seem to like it. He will only sleep on the old ones. It’s about twin sized, just right for one. Houses were hand paper pieced… rainbow happiness backed with peace symbols on white.

500 Magic Mushrooms ZIA

Onto the drawing front, I finished Magic Mushrooms on a Walk About, not totally ZIA but with a dash. This will be a birthday present for Jazmin once I get it framed. Created on 11X14 Paris paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel, Atyou Spica glitter and Staedtler Triplus for the chaotic color. There are moments of gel pens, glitter pens and assorted other gooey deals that pooped in such a way that some designs changed dramatically after adding color… but I think the point get across quite nicely. Finished June 21st 2014

500 Page 1

Now when not making a massive some thing or other I’m working on filling a Pentalic Illustrators Sketchbook, 8X5…192 pages…my goal is to draw on every page… have an entire book filled as I have never really used up an entire tablet of anything. Page one… Zia of no name other than page one using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens followed by Sakura Moonlight gel. Still don’t fully trust the paper so I draw with a baggie or other paper between pages. Completed June 17th 2014

500 Find Perfection ZIA

Page 2 better known as Find Perfection I messed about with the Spiral maker Jim got for me on a whim. One turned out perfect… 2 more not so much before I gave up and tangled all over it in hopes of making it adequate enough to leave in the book. Completed June 21st 2014

500 Urban Sprawl ZIA

Page 3 a.k.a. Urban Sprawl… made during yet another rainy day and television viewing sucked so I used mostly .005 Pigma Micron pens for the itty bitty detail and Atyou Spica Glitter pens for the color. June 22nd 2014

500 Page 4 Bithas tired eye

Page 4 otherwise known as Bitha’s Tired Eye ZIA. I love drawing eyes, just one at a time not actually attached to a recognizable face. This is one Tab’s green eyed moments, I will make a hazel Tab/Oliver version eventually. I also have on the list a Jazmin Blue/grey eye, a Jim see through scary icy blue eye, a Nat/Olivia Brown eye. Perhaps one day a lovely Liz Taylor Lavender eye just because I can. This eye was mostly .005 pens for that itty bitty detail and Staedtler Triplus for the shades of eye…look away from the same shade of green oops…OY… Completed June 22nd 2014


Silently Smiling Sunshine complete 5-12-14

Silently Smiling Sunshine completed… Glibby Glop Gloopy Nibby Nobby Nooby La La La Lo Lo. He was created on 11X14 Paris Paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens. He will remain black and white…if I ever get a whim for color I will more than likely be doing that with Gimp 2 so the original will remain fabulously black and white…moving onto the sun’s close personal friend the moon! May 12th 2014

parking garage stairs 5-11-14

stairway in the parking garage of the Walker Art Center…unfortunately on of the very things I found interesting here…Went to the Walker Art center with Tabbi Cat. Interesting ride via St. Paul, no one injured…but I think I’m just not hip enough for modern art…perhaps if I could look past the what was used and quit trying to figure out the why I would see the grand adventure of the creativity…2 words…broken glass…LOTS of it…still rather confused although the wall of assorted scarves and the multitude of artificial flowers torn apart and sewn together still makes me think maybe I’m trying too hard…since when is Escher and Dhali too old to be modern?


WoooooOOOOOooooo new markers & a WTF eraser…Thanks Tab! Time to make something almost recognizable…totally not museum worthy..


WoooOOOooo found a photo box just right for all my pens & markers…weeeee almost as fun as back to school shopping hold the bullies and algebra…

lets just say I am easily entertained…

Weekend Zen

color wiggle tangle

Wiggle colorful curl Zen with atyou Spica pigment glitter pens…eeeeee fabulous! Love the wiggle-ee-ness of this one…tidied it up on Gimp after scanning it…of course scanner added horrid booger colored stripes on it…UGH…guess I’ll photograph my future tangles!
May 3rd 2014

Family Hands 1 completed 5-3-14

The Family Hands (1) is complete…This has my hand, my mom’s, Jim’s and Jazmin’s…I know which is which…11X14 Paris Paper using Faber Castell Pitt & Pigma Micron pens over 5 days….love it! Onto the next Zen adventure… May 3rd 2014

puzzle piece jpeg_0001

Autism Awareness every day puzzle piece Zen…Used Faber Castell Pitt pens, Spica Glitter pens and Triplus Fineliner Pens. Will have to invest in some color brush pens for larger areas… Tidies this up on Gimp after the scanner left stripes where stripes don’t belong.
April 4th 2014

tab dragon framed 5-3-14

Tabitha’s fabulous Zen Dragon all framed and ready to hang…looking nifty! April 4th 2014

A moment for Zentangles

tab dragon 4-27-14

Dragon Zen tangle made for my daughter Tabitha…hope to frame it this week so she can hang it on her wall…it’s 14X11 inches…really like the way it turned out!

completed April 27th 2014

n tangle 4-27-14

N is for a noisy ninja narwhal’s nincompoopery in the Netherlands…you really have to look close to see any of this…see it?!?
April 27th 2014


for some reason M and O refused to scan…ugh…hope to get them scanned and posted tomorrow

wooo 4-5-14 zentangle

Wooed Zentangle for T & E in celebration of Tabitha accepting the marriage proposal from Eric…WOOOoooOOOO!
April 5th 2014


fibro butterfly tangle 4-7-14_0001

Zentangled Fibromyalgia awareness butterfly…
pen and ink uploaded to a photo editor and colored purple ( my ink is basic black)
way back when I was wee I discovered how fun pen and ink was…then a few years back discovered Zentangle, meditative art…woo…have loved it ever since. Like doodling on caffeine…hence some of the wiggly lines. Hoping to one day combine the pen and ink with quilting…both my passions at once! Although at the moment I’m saving up for a guitar body to get Zen all over! April 7th 2014

twas 10 days before Christmas

Oliver’s fabulous crabby patty cake December 15th 2012

Olivia trying to escape Neena’s claw like holiday grasp December 15th 2012

Liv has a bow blue and all December 15th 2012

Having a seat in her lovely gown December 15th 2012

Olie just knows this gift is clothing! December 15th 2012

Secret Santa Monkeys for Brendan and Max kiddles of my secret Santa girl! December 15th 2012

Shamus no likes his new Frankenweenie outfit December 15th 2012

Olie and the fabulous cake! December 15th 2012

Contemplating the pile of goodies December 15th 2012

Oliver with his yippee Spongebob Lego kit December 15th 2012

Shall I spin for you? December 15th 2012

Shamus…has gone from dislike to loath…remove this fabric torture! December 15th 2012

Chew toys totally wipe out Shamus December 16th 2012

Olivia can walk this way December 15th 2012

Assorted wee ones awaiting their final destination.  I’m thinking the red white & blue one will go to my niece Meg in the Army.  The pink with the kitty button will go to Judi…the rest…well we shall see! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 17th 2012

Choices so many Choices, Oliver has to choose which wee man will go to his friend Neal in Burnsville…the blue 3 buttoned one won! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 17th 2012

One newborn sock can make one fabulous wee person in about 1 ½ hours! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 15th 2012

A small gathering of wee ones Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 16th 2012

what are you thankful for?!?

What are you thankful for? Having merely 26 letters to work with you’ll notice a few have multiples…go figure…I don’t color in the lines either!


A is for Autism Awareness

B is for Beauty, see it

C is for Creativity Six Degrees

D is for Dear Ol’ Dad

E is for Employment

F is for Family & Friends

G is for God’s Tiny Angels

H is for Haiti by Hand

I is for Idiosyncrasies

J is for Jazmin & Jim

K is for Kris

L is for Love

M is for Me

N is for Nature

O is for Oliver & Olivia & Operation Sock Monkey

P is for Peace


R is for Raring to go

S is for Sharing & Shamus

T is for Tabitha & Teeny Tears

U is for Uvula for no other reason than it’s a U

V is for Various abilities

W is for Walking

X is for xiphosuran, wicked cool beastie

Y is for YEAH

Z is for Zealousness

a few birthdays

We Celebrated Tab’s 25th, Jazmin’s 22nd and Olivia’s 1st birthday this weekend!

Olivia’s 1st birthday celebration at Gumma’s on November 4th 2012…she eventually caught on to the whole trash the cake AND eat it deal…

Olivia post cake destroying bath in Gumma’s sink…November 4th 2012

Opening that 1st present…oooh I get to tear the paper on purpose?!? November 4th 2012

Curlies in my eye!

Bitha with curlies too…just not in the eye!

Jazmin doing an act from the FLY November 3rd 2012

Shamus…looking not at the camera contemplating a nom November 3rd 2012

of cleaning, quilting and Shamus Shaving

Fresh Oliver with auntie Jaz (with fabulous green hair) and mama Tab…cuteness! I’m guessing this photo is from December 2004 or January 2005…found this while making room in Oliver’s room for his new loft bed…AW…little puddin’ heads!

The Quilt with a View is totally complete and hanging in it’s new home…kinda wiggly…have cords behind it so I really can’t attach it in a totally flat square way…Oh Well…I finally have color in my cubicle! Took about a month start to finish and I think it turned out fabulous! I’ll stop patting myself on the back now…lol…August 27th 2012

Shamus before his hair cut…mighty shaggy and as Jim puts it Hippy like… August 25th 2012

Shamus looking spiffy after his hair cut…a little shy being naked and all…August 25th 2012

Shamus wanting some of Jim’s supper…August 26th 2012