O MY F-in-Hymer Maude!

O MY F-in-hymer Maude!

Welcome to Monday and the insanity ensues! I got to work 5 minutes late so I have to stay till 3:35 in hopes of getting 8 very needed hours of work in.  UGH! SO…after our group weekend of horrid stress with a dollop of hell we were hoping Oliver’s new preschool/daycare/speech therapy would be a tad bit easy on us and on Oliver…Well NO what were we thinking?  I hurried this morning to grab Olie’s snow pants at our house so he’d have them for day care um yeah it will be a high of fricking 8 today and this little guy will be thrown out in the cold…great!  Jump in my not even close to warmed up vehicle drive like a freak to Tab’s apartment so a shell-shocked and weeping Oliver can be crammed into his carseat crying for his baby that he can’t bring with. We get there and the lone chick there has no idea what paperwork Tab has to continue to fill out after filling out a trees worth of crap already.  I’m trying to get Oliver calmly interested in the toys while yanking all his winter crap off of him.  Woman 1 say it’s fine that we don’t have Olie’s shoes with that she sees the preschoolers in their socks quite often…then comes woman # 2…unhappy about Oliver’s not total potty training…after Tab had spoken to chick number Z about it and it being found to be acceptable.  Broad # 2 asks where Oliver’s lunch is…Yeah NO ONE told Tab that Oliver would be needing a lunch packed…WTF?!?  Our tax dollars at work?!?  What a joke, the paperwork Tab had said Breakfast, Lunch and snacks were included in the amount we are now paying for this!  Color me too tired and too much pain to even be as flippant as I’d like to be!  So with the clock ticking Tab and I leap back into the Jeep, Pass Travis on his way to work, to my house to throw together a semblance of a lunch for Olie with one of his croissants, pudding and a juice…Tab runs it into the school and I think chick # 2 says OH, Oliver’s 4….he can get hot lunch…just fill out more paper work….welcome to 6:45…I have 15 minutes to get to Delano, drop Tab at Mickey D’s and get me back to MMI…F-ing Joke…Then chick # 2 tells Tab she’ll have to go home to get Oliver’s shoes, he can’t be in socks…He will be spending the day in his boots…I really hope his day goes better than ours has started. As I pulled up to Mickey D’s Tab’s phone is ringing…they’re calling her to tell her she’s late…ONE MINUTE F-ING LATE!  Ass wipes! You’ll have to pardon my language…ugh! Yet another reason my daughter’s were NEVER in daycare!  UGH!  I’d rather be poor than driven over the edge by the people who are supposed to care for my child in my absence!


On the move: The kids were basically totally moved into their apartment Saturday night.  Course it hadn’t been cleaned so Tab got to scrub all the previously viewed people scatterings all day yesterday.  Yum!  We got our bed room mostly moved yesterday, the wall in the living room removed, the fence in the bedroom Jim and Jaz removed late Saturday night while I hung the new curtains.  Tonight once my dashing about is completed, I’ll be throwing Lasagna into the oven and working on the living room. Just could get into it yesterday.  I was eventually just hobbling about on painful feet since I wore the Vans yesterday with no squishing insoles for all the work and grocery shopping…Got all the clothes moved from the computer room into our closet…how nice now I can like dress looking adequate rather than always in t-shirts!  The dressers and bed are all in there and filled.  The giant Jimi Hendrix is in Jim’s corner.  The purple batik is over the bed with our handfasting cord, all is well…tired, achy, but well.  Tab Travis and Oliver are in Stephi’s old apartment so I can find them in my sleep!  Plus we can see their windows from our front window.  So, they’re just across the way.  Kinda nice!  They can just wave if they want!


Yesterday Jazmin’s older rat Lucy passed away.  Jaz was holding her at the time.  L So Jazmin has Gertie the Snake beater rat and Gideon the insane red squirrel who was running around like a total freak last night.  Once the living room is all put together and vacuumed (what a mess!) He can run all over without any worries.


Wow my legs hurt!  We moved so much yesterday!  I hope Tab’s day at work goes well.  I really hope Oliver’s day goes OK.  I don’t want him to ever feel bad that the adults in charge aren’t on the same page.  These little guys depend on them knowing what’s up and sharing information…They better step to! That’s the Nana talking of course…they don’t listen to me! That them…ugh!


Fraidegg fabulous Friedegg


Painful happy dance…the kids are actually moving to their apartment this weekend!  Tab told me this morning right before we left for work.  SO…tomorrow I was planning on going out and about with mom…Oliver will be coming with now, so mom thinks dad can keep an eye on him at their house while we bop to Wally in search of curtains for my soon to be bedroom and looks like the living room too.  I’ve got lovely black faux velvet drapes pn the side windows so I think all I’m gonna look for are drapes and a valance for the front bowed window.  Also since I have a 20 floating around my change purse I think I’m gonna get ½ yard of each of the cute frog fabrics they have at Wally too along with solid mint, pink and maybe light blue or lavender to make a Froggy quilt.  Should be too totally cute!  Perhaps a heart baby quilt!


I’ll be calling Jim soon to let him know that they will be moving this weekend so to be ready to tear down the fence and gate in the bedroom and ½ the wall in the living room.  Heavens I SO cannot wait!  Perhaps I’ll be sleeping in my bedroom as soon as Saturday night!  Bet I’ll sleep well with all that quiet back there with out all the traffic in front of the house! Update: called Jim…he’s bringing home a celebratory poppa John’s pizza for supper tonight and will be ready to help tomorrow with the big disassemble and move!


When I’m out with mom, worrying about dad and Oliver the whole time, I’m going to pick up a phone to hook up in the bedroom, so I don’t have to run past Jazmin’s moldering corpse to answer the phone on feet that feel like the bone is slicing through my heels. And price throw rugs for the bedroom since Tab’s taking the black rug from the bedroom with her.


Whoa…the owner of the company just called me…ME…to make sure I put his revised write up in the company newsletter…I did…huh, does that mean anything, or am I still a bit freaked about the whole gonna getta bedroom this weekend…probably the bedroom!


Sweet Oliver has his last day of day care today.  I feel so bad for him. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t understand what’s going on.  He’s going to really miss his little guys…Carson, Carson, Cameron, Hunter, Hunter’s cute little brother, the girls…and Josey the Chihuahua…not to mention Karen one of the best daycare operator’s I have ever met! (tear) Then Monday he’ll start daycare/preschool/speech therapy…total huge change to his day, different rooms, new kids, many new adults…then to have a new place to live too without the backup he has at our house…hopefully if Tab has any days that he’s horrible and she needs time she’ll think to call me…she can drop him off any time!  We love the little boogar! Especially Jim…Olie’s his little man.  Once Oliver gets a bit older he can walk to our place on his own…after letting his mom know 1st of course.  It’ll be good that he has an extended family this close by.  Not a lot of kids have that now with both parents having to work and grandparents having to forgo retirement so they work till dead too.  At least when Olie’s new daycare will be off in June and I think August I’ll have my vacation time so I can take him, still get paid and Tab can not have to worry about working…

Hippity Hoppity Hump Day!

Shipping out 3 boxes of lovies today: 1 box crammed with assorted blankets going to Project Linus Greater Twin Cities, 3 quilts going to Heart Babies in Minneapolis, and 11 quilts going to tiny angels in West Virginia. Got another box of 3 quilts at home ready to go to Project Linus next week.


I’m hoping to pick up the fabric needed to start a ‘Home of the Brave’ quilt to make for an injured returning soldier or a killed in action soldier’s family. I’m getting 2 earthy browns, 1 blue & 1 green with a cream and dark red for the little squares.

Also on my massive list of ‘Wants’ I have 1 travel pillow so I can practice a Benjamin Smiles pillowcase for the Ronal McDonald House in Minneapolis. Gotta remember to send in the SASE to get the Benjamin labels for the cases.

Found a few other places I’d like to sew for: Angels for AIDS, a groups that makes nice warm lovies for babies up to young adult sized for people suffering the effects of AIDS, this is based out in California.

One I found a little closer to home is Warm Fuzzies that’s fleece blankets made for persons going through chemotherapy or surgeries related to cancer in Michigan. I plan to get 3 yards of 2 colors of fleece (male & female) and satin edging to complete 6 of these.

Then there’s Quilts from Caring Hands in Oregon. They take baby and youth sized quilts. I’ve made up mailing labels and a size list for all of these so I can just sew like a freak and ship as the boxes fill up.

AND some day soon the kids will be moving out soon. As soon as they get a check in the mail…then I’ll watch Oliver while they move, Jim will tear out the fence in our soon to be room, tear down ½ the wall so we have a living room again, and rearranging the computer room door with the living room door. He’ll be making it so the ½ door he puts in the living room wall doesn’t open, it’ll be like a window between the kitchen and the living room. Hopefully this will happen soon…VERY SOON!

A bedroom for Nana!

Giggly Wiggly Happy Dance!!!!!!!!!



We could have our bedroom back as soon as the 10th of January…yes 2009…like in 4 days!  Tab & Travis called the apartments in front of us and they have openings NOW! So they’re bringing all the paperwork and the $60 (WTF) down to the landlord whatever today! 

I’m going to try not to get my hopes too totally pasted onto the ceiling…but…I haven’t had my room since, hmm, 2004 when I traded my nice big room for Tab’s 2nd smallest room cuz’ she was preggers with Olie and needed more space for all the baby accoutrements.  Then when Olie was…oh…1 ish I moved into the Living room so Jaz could have the black room and Oliver could have the smallest room…THEN Tab and Oliver moved out for a while, we made Oliver’s room into the computer room and stayed in the living room, Jim built a wall complete with locking door so it is a room.  Tab and Oliver came back, moved into the big room, divided it with a fence and gate, and this is how we’ve been ever since, no living room, just a kitchen and a tiny computer room…when company comes over they all pile into our room/living room…SO I’m really looking forward to having a living room again and an actual bed room for me and my sweet Lima Bean Man.  With a closet and everything!  All of our gotta-hang-up clothing is in the tiny closet in the computer room.  As I jump up and down internally…My clothing will be in my room with me! Too Freaking painfully cool!

Jim and I have decided the living room will basically be the crafty crap/guitar/living room. So the TV, My painting area, my sewing area and his guitar repair stuff will be in there.  We’ll get a couple beanbag chairs or perhaps a futon so there will be seating as needed.  I can totally tidy the kitchen and have a usable table n seating there too.  WOW…I SO CANNOT WAIT!