embroidery & orchids

Home Sweet Home WIP...will eventually be a tiny wall hanging deal so I can finally get rid of the door knocker
 I've disliked since 1993...I procrastinate!
design from Urban Threads 

White grocery store orchid face...they trimmed her roots...I hope she survives!

bibs bonnets bartering & shamus

Just a Little Hankie ‘

I am just a little hankie, As square as can be; But with a stitch or two, They’ve made a bonnet out of me. I’ll be worn home from the hospital, and on special days, and then I’ll be carefully pressed and neatly packed away. Then on the wedding, I have been told, every well dressed Bride must have something old. So what would be more fitting than to find Little Old Me, A few stitches snipped and a wedding handkerchief I will be! And if per chance, it is a boy, someday he still will wed. So to his Bride he can present the handkerchief once worn upon his head’

Made 3 girl bonnets and one boy bonnet…

Pile of goodies I’m bartering with a scarf maker for an eye burning winter scarf…hey, till I can walk in the garden without sinking to my knees winter isn’t over yet… 🙂

Hot pink ninja bib on Etsy

Punk in training bib for sale on etsy

Rocker in training bib for sale on Etsy

Zombie ducky bib for sale on Etsy, I’ll be adding this little ducky to the table cloth I’m using at my wedding…

Shamus in need of a haircut stretching on me during a brief interlude between sewing projects…

Blue Black beady eyed lace bat choker…

3 wee embroidered lace bats to dance macabre around your neck.  With a ribbon to tie so they will fit any size neck out there…faceted glass beads hang down and tiny little dark purple Miyuki glass beads look out to all who look at your wicked cool choker and exclaim…HEY! I want one! Be you a Goth, Steampunk, or just a person who likes the dark side on occasion…these three bats will make a lovely addition to your pile of gnarly jewelry (and you know you have quite the pile!)

Center bat is 3 ½ inches wide, side bats are 3 ¼ inches wide, black satin ribbon ties are over 16 inches long…

Machine embroidered black lace bats, sterling jewelry findings, Miyuki glass seed beads, faceted glass beads, satin ribbon

Shout Out to Urban Threads http://www.urbanthreads.com for their GREAT designs!


Can be purchased at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/YaneZweeLovies


wrk wrk wrk

Love this little devil! Purchased this design from Urban threads http://www.urbanthreads.com …their designs are so stinkin’ fun! This little devil will be joining the other practice embroideries in an I spy quilt…eventually… January 27th 2011

Hey can you ever have too much girl power? Probably but until then this hot pink piece of in your face will be added to pink bibs (when I get them) and a tie dyed onsie (after I dye it of course) till then this practice embroidery will be joining the ever growing pile of I spy squares…bought this design from Urban Threads http://www.urbanthreads.com I can’t say enough good things about their wicked coolness! January 27th 2011

My work is never done…here are 2 works in progress…Emma & Ella’s spectacular eye burning quilts…the little girl faces will be the corner squares of a stripe pieced border I hope to complete this weekend…wish me luck! January 28th 2011

New embroidery machine :)

Really enjoying my embroidery machine!

Jim got me a 12 foot long USB cable for Christmas so the computer at home can reach the embroidery machine!

This is the well loved boy, free from Embroider This…this is the 1st design I did off the computer…He is just too CUTE! He’s a little less than 4 inches tall. 12-24-10

Purchased this design from Urban Threads…

I’m thinking this would make great belly buttons for mug rugs!

I’m using thread I have on hand, will be purchasing more to make these even more fabulous! 12-26-10

I contacted Embroidery designs and they created a program to make a black and white version of my quilt label…LOVE IT…so now I’m having a color version made so I can embroider my label on to the quilts I make! No more purchasing labels for me! 12-27-10

Here’s the well loved girl from Embroider this…Jazmin wants to make a key chain out of her…we’ll see…I may make a wee wall hanging with her and the boy… 12-27-10