Boris n Shamus n Wilma

The Boris block is done after 2 weekends of on again off again work…and he is fabulous!  This block pattern is free from:…

I blew him up on a copier so he’d be larger.  The block is 16 inches square with 2 ¾ inch border all around. He’s made of cotton with a Minky wing…I received the fabulous yellow fabric in a fabric swap…his beak is left over Batik from another swap, feet from a batik charm pack…and the blue…hmmm…that was just laying in the blue bin of fabric waiting for a home.

Color me silly but I always like the look of the back of these blocks I accomplish.  I hand sew all of it as my machine really likes sewing fast and I tend to over shoot when I foundation piece on it.  So many tiny stitches went into Boris…

Close up…itty bitty stitches…I don’t keep track of how long each block takes…lets just say quite a few movies played and the 1st season of the X-Files to get Boris stitched.

Here he is after a couple hours of quilting and receiving his nostrils and pupils…he positively screams I CAN SEE…he will make a bright fabulous addition to the rubber ducky motif of the bathroom!

Shamus just came in from a romp out side…is there something on his face?!?

Green Wilma giving me the stink eye after being fed the last monster worm…


Cacti, Wilma & flannel

Jazmin’s Cacti & Succulent bowl…blooming!

I really shouldn’t go to a pet type shop when I’m feeling guilty for not saving every unhappy animal on the planet…specially that huge snapping turtle some poop ran over on highway 12 (Karma baby…perhaps you’ll get squished by a redneck someday) but I digress, this is Green Wilma, she’s about 8 months old and suffering from calcium deficiency…I adopted her as her previous owner gave her to Petco…poor baby…named her after the cool frog in the book Green Wilma that the girls and Olie like…got her home and she ate her vitamin covered crickets, had a nice long drink of water and gave Shamus McSuchy-Myhre the stink eye every time he moved…Other than her one floppy back leg and what looks like a broken finger she gets around quite nicely! I’m getting her a full spectrum light and on nice days will take her outside for some real sun…

August 7th 2013

Diaper flannel…shopping with Olivia is interesting as long as there is a baby for her to oooh over…other wise she needs to pat all the flannel, right out of the cart… Used up all the large diaper flannel cut-outs so I just MUST have more flannel…but upon getting home I see I have 3 boy flannels and one 1 girl…sigh…Walmart here I come! Out of these flannels I’m only cutting out large diapers as I have quite the stack of smalls left to sew…any left overs I’ll make into patchwork lovies to send to the wee babies in need! August 8th 2013

Lovie Flannel…the wintery holidays are a coming…they are! And these cute winter flannels were even on sale…I think both the reindeer on green and the penguins on blue scream unisexed…backed with a solid color I hope they will still work for both newborn girls and boys this holiday season…the sweet cream with girlie stuff I was going to use for teeny diapers but the more I looked at it the more I thought that is would make me even more unhappy if my stillborn had a diaper on with everything I would be missing out on, on it…so I have enough to make a couple newborn receiving lovies out of it instead. August 7th 2013