Flannel, Shamus, sun pups

Found a couple of printed panels at JoAnn Fabrics when I ran there for ribbon…and yes the fabric isn’t really stored by the ribbon…Jaz located them for me…nonetheless…each panel has 2 bibs and 2 burp cloths on them so I bought a boy (monkey) and a girl (paisley Elephants) version…total cuteness! These I think I’ll put away for the next baby born but I also took a few measurements and out of a yard of flannel I can get a newborn receiving blanket and a matching bib and burp cloth to make cute little sets to donate… in this pile there are the bib and burp cloths as well as the next batch of large buntings…just need ironing and top stitching! January 27th 2014

Shamus being rudely awakened during his post bath nap…he is so soft after his bath I could help but pet him! January 26th 2014

Sun dogs book ending the sunset.  You can’t really tell but there’s a 50 mile per hour wind rushing across the field…not pictured the waist high drifts I walked through to get this lovely unobstructed view.  Looked much rainbowier in real life… Delano MN January 26th 2014


between the vent and the movie case

Between the vent and the movie case as adverse to the rock and a hard place…this is where Shamus catches his Z’s when not chasing Pumpkin and prancing about in the snow December 9th 2012

Massive stack of large teeny diapers (28-32 week gestation sized) http://teenytears.blogspot.com/ …I cut until I think I grew and extra knuckle on my scissor holding hand…plenty of sewing for me to do in the upcoming longish weekends! Most of these once completed will go to God’s Tiny Angles http://www.godstinyangels.com/ , the rest…well I hope to hear from a few hospitals here in the snowy north! December 9th 2012

A very special teeny diaper made for a grieving mommy in Australia.  Her angel was born sleeping in March…His name is Loken…I hope this diaper will get to her quick!  Embroidered on the machine which I really need to get serviced…thankfully it got through the entire name without eating the fabric. December 9th 2012

Uh oh…I stopped at the quilt shop after groceries…well I did need another full yard of pink flannel and these other fat quarters…well they leapt into my arms…who am I to say not to a fat quarter?!? They’re all chopped into diapers with the little left over saved for that flannel quilt I just know I’ll make one day December 9th 2012

Oliver and Olivia with Santa…December 2012!

Pretty large stacks of small teeny (18-26 wee gestation sized) diapers http://teenytears.blogspot.com/ …I really need to stop cutting and start sewing! Most of these once completed will go to God’s Tiny Angles http://www.godstinyangels.com/ , the rest…well I hope to hear from a few hospitals here in the snowy north! December 9th 2012

The snow Caterpillar on the deck…amazing…the 2-4 inches of snow forecasted kinda grew to 10-14 inches of snow…hence the bubbly beast balancing precariously on the deck…can’t wait to see the butterfly that will be a popping out of this! December 9th 2012

1st snow!


gotta look close…a few weekends ago there was thick rain…kind of sleet but these look like real fat flakes! not sticking to the ground since it’s 34 degrees (F) but it’s pretty none the less!

a little this & that during the Eclipse

‘Our House’ block # 2

…turquoise with bugs house and a lime Minky door… …used a wee piece of fruity ladies on the beach so someone would be peeking out of the window… any who this block is 8.5X8.5 inches square…paper pieced by hand… House paper piece pattern located at: http://www.connectingthreads.com/patterns/House_Keepsake_Frame_Card… free!

Shamus McSuchy-Myhre not even contemplating the eclipse…he’s so aloof with his snazzy hair cut! 5-20-12

The eclipse from Watertown MN…yup exciting…well the gnats gotta good meal out of us till we gave up. 5-20-12

um yeah…great shot of no one smiling after I said smile…lovely…Olie looks in pain…Jim has that er what look and Olivia really wants to eat some grass…OH YEAH and here’s an eclipse going on…5-20-12

Olivia was so excited by the evening’s entertainment she fell asleep on her phone…5-20-12

Oliver and his best friend Neal at Neal’s 6th birthday 5-19-12

sew sew…snow snow

Last weekends blizzard was great fun as long as you weren’t out driving in it…thankfully Shamus doesn’t have thumbs so he wasn’t going out for a spin other than on the deck! 12-11-12 & 12-12-10

Jim post snow blowing…by the way snow blowing a newspaper makes a very funny noise! 12-12-12

Super furry Shamus…totally ready for that haircut!

My sewing ladies…the newest is the brother embroidery machine…I am SEW happy! 12-10-10

Oliver’s early birthday celebration at Gumma & Buppa’s 12-10-10

Shamus in his freshly personalized jacket…

he really doesn’t like being dressed…go figure! 12-12-10


Shamus sans all that fur!  He likes his coat now! Tidy little guy! 12-14-10

Some more mug rugs made for Heidi & my desk at work!


Heidi’s care package, filling up! 12-13-10

Name tag for Sue’s secret Santa gift @ work…lovin’ my embroidery machine! 12-12-10

Elaine not really the riveter 12-12-10


what to do during a winter storm

Quilt made for Jazmin’s GED teacher Emily who will soon be having a baby boy! Flannel front with a hearty cotton backing, machine pieced and tied with green floss. 42 inches by 48 inches…just right for a baby gonna be a toddler before you know it.  11-14-2010

Jazmin’s gerbils are growing up so fast…one day naked and hanging on mama

the next covered with velvety fuzz…too cute! 11-14-10

Shamus really needs a haircut…

Oliver and his Lego fire truck, complete with marker and pizza on his face…hmmm 11-14-10


HAIL Hail paper piecing & Hail

AND…ampersand made for the wedding table runner / wall hanging…6inches by 9 inches…pattern found at: http://www.paperpanache.com/pix/srpdfs/ampersands.pdf

Completed July 17th 2010


Letter thus far: E & Heart… Made for the wedding table runner / wall hanging  July 17th 2010


J is for the Jim who loves me! Made for the wedding table runner / wall hanging… 7 inches square…pattern found at: http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/hp/edited_alpha/uppercase_J.jpg

& E Made for the wedding table runner / wall hanging July 18th 2010


The beginning of M…massive maniacal M…pattern found at: http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/hp/edited_alpha/uppercase_m.jpg

July 18th 2010


Sirens screaming marble sized hail July 17th 2010


Sirens go silent…hail get bigger July 17th 2010


The after math…Jim’s car is much more aerodynamic now that it’s dimpled like a golf ball July 17th 2010


Shamus with is new patriotic nom toy from Gumma July 18th 2010


Shamus…blissfully oblivious July 18th 2010


Jazmin’s dinner plate dahlia…July 17th 2010


Star gazer lily…can you ever get too close? July 17th 2010

Ode 2 my 1st button hole!

Ode to my 1st buttonhole!


Yeah, well, call me a silly freak…but I’m an ever so proud and giggly silly freak!

With Sally the Singer’s assistance I made my very 1st machined buttonhole!  On the 1st try even!  TO WICKEDLY COOL, even!  I needed a carrying apparatus for my sweet lil not-a-shuffle-iPod-deal since it is so tiny and I don’t wanna loose it.  Yeah I’m 40 and I guess any icky kid in Home Economics or whatever they call it now makes a buttonhole, yadda-yadda-yadda but when I was in home economics, we didn’t make buttonholes…we made these horrid velour mock turtle necks…bleck! Mine was tan…hate tan to this day.  OK so I made my buttonhole last night…showed Oliver, he thought it was too wicked cool as he took one of my chicken nuggets and lipped it viciously before putting it back in the bowl. Showed Jim who was at least feigning to be as excited as I was while taking in the horrid news off the boob tube. Showed Jaz who was totally under-whelmed and had to tell me so.  Oh why must she always deluge on my wee infrequent parades.  Ugh!  Nonetheless…I am proud of my perfectly purple buttonhole…damnit!

Note from my Auntie Elaine:  Now for your information – I don’t think I have EVER made a button hole!  I’ve sewn a button hole to make it smaller so things would stay buttoned… but I don’t even think my Singer has a button hole attachment… so congrats to you and the button hole capability! HAGD EMS

Note from my mom: I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOVE YOUR BUTTONHOLE!!   Have a pop-free day. Loveya, Mom


Thus I sit here ripping my pile of CDs onto the computer so I can cram them on the sweet-lil-hot-pink-not-a-shuffle-iPod-deal for this upcoming long assed weekend of being quiet in the morning as all sleep in and I sew and the ever so quiet Sally the Singer. Thus far I have: Beck, Radiohead, Aticus dragging the lake, Asleep by dawn, Sublime, 3 Me 1st & the Gimme Gimmes, Lacuna Coil, Bloodhound Gang, Queen, Angie’s Farm: Salad Bowl Blues (TOO COOL, eh! My friend Angie has a CD!), Apocalyptica, hmmm and the one’s I put on yesterday.  These are all CDs that were living in the Jeep…dug around and chucked them in the purse last night while waiting for Tab to get outa work at 7pm…12 hours at Mickey D’s…what a sucky day for her!  Then the moo at home was bad 2 days ago so she walked to the filling station for more.  Oy!


On the weather front…it’s currently snowing pebbly poo on top of the 3 inches of ice…promises to have 6 inches of fantabulous snow by noon.  I slid into the parking lot 3 minutes late today so now I need to stay till 3:33pm to make sure I have my 8 hours.  Bummer is Thursday may be holiday pay but Friday will be no pay… L Thus this week will be more than likely biting butt in the money column: I’ve got car insurance to pay, ½ of rent OR budget $ which ever, and 4 prescriptions 2 of which are not generic so they will be $36 each…hmmm…well at least the bug eaters at home already have crickets, I’ve 1 or 2 cans of cat food for Helga…and hey! We can always go to the food shelf! Sigh, I don’t wanna go to the food shelf! They’re dry goods are always buggy and half the cans are swollen with botulism! Smells oddly painty, gluey, melty in here today… nope nothing on the surge protector gonna catch fire… WOW I have a headache! 

On a slightly better note…Jazmin can stay on my health insurance here till she’s 19 OR gets a job with insurance of her own.  One less thing to smash into my incredibly shrinking funds.

Frozen Sun Dogs in Minnesota

Today’s fabulous weather in Minnesota!


Extremely cold today in the Twin Cities. Decreasing clouds during the afternoon. Temperatures today will range from -9 below (wind-chill -35 below) at 8 A.M. then -6 below (wind-chll -30 below) at noon and -3 below (wind-chill -25 below) at sunset (4:32 P.M.) – winds today will be gusty from the West at 11 to 22 mph then becoming light and variable this evening after 6 P.M. Skies will be clear tonight and 8 P.M. temperatures will be near -8 below (wind-chill -20 below) then overnight lows by sunrise (7:45 A.M.) Tuesday will be near -12 below (wind-chill -22 below).


Many years ago, the nature-essayist Hal Borland wrote in his book Sundial of the Seasons that “Sun dogs and moon dogs are beautiful accents to a winter day or night as the rainbow is to a showery Summer day.” Sun dogs usually appear in pairs, and are loyal to the sun (as moon dogs are loyal to the moon), sitting on each side of the solar orb along a horizontal line through the solar disk. Sun dogs appear in January, April, August, and October, the month does not really matter, but they are most regularly seen close to their solar master during winter months when the sun is low in the sky and ice crystals in the atmosphere are more common, but we can see them in any of the other seasons whenever cirrus clouds fuzz the sky above.


Sun dogs, or mock suns, are technically called solar parhelia (parhelia meaning “with the sun”) and appear as bright bursts of light formed when sunlight passes through ice crystals at the proper angle. Usually, cirrus clouds in front of the sun produce sun dogs, but other ice clouds, such as ice fog and diamond dust, may also generate them. Sun dogs are sometimes so brilliant that dazzled observers mistake them for the sun. They are often bright white but may show a partial spectrum of color with the red wavelengths on the edge nearest the sun. Sun dogs often have comet-like appearance with a bluish-white tail facing away from the sun.


Sun dogs are the second most frequent halo phenomena behind the 22o halo and often accompany that halo. The difference between sun dog and halo formation is the orientation of the ice crystals through which sunlight passes before reaching our eyes. Halo formation requires a mixture of random ice crystal orientations in the sky. But if the sky has only horizontally oriented, flat ice crystals, we just see a sun dog.

Ice crystals in the atmosphere are hexagonally shaped. Crystals forming most optical phenomena in the air are typically hexagonal rods, shaped like pencils, or flat, hexagonal plate patterns, like microscopic stop signs or dinner plates. When plate-shaped ice crystals fall unimpaired, drag forces automatically orient them horizontally so that their larger, flat surface parallels the earth like a large maple leaf drifting down from a tree.

Sun dogs emerge when sunlight passing through the ice plate’s thin sidefaces is refracted. The more perfectly aligned the falling crystals are to the horizontal, the more compact the resulting sun dog. Crystal misalignment from true horizontal will spread the sun dog vertically — its angular height being approximately four times the maximum crystal angular tilt.

Sun dogs frequently display a reddish tint on the side facing the sun and may sport bluish-white tails which stretch horizontally away from it. The degree to which colours are visible depends on the amount of wobble in the ice crystal’s fall: the more wobble, the more colour. The sun dog’s tail is formed by light passing through the crystal at angles other than the optimal deviation angle.

Sun dogs typically appear when the sun is low to the horizon, usually just prior to sunset or after sunrise, or during winter months at mid-latitudes. If the sun is low (horizon to about 15o above it), each sun dog is separated from the sun by 22o (or about two handsbreadth on extended arms), and both will lie on the circle of the 22o halo if one is present.

Sun dogs form tightest to the sun at lowest solar altitudes, but they are never less than 22o from it. As the Sun climbs in the sky, the sun dogs slowly move away from the 22o separation, although they remain on the line through the sun parallel with the horizon. When the sun has climbed to more than 45o altitude, sun dogs are fainter and noticeably off the 22o circle, and they vanish altogether above 61o solar altitude.

Over two millennia ago, the Greeks recognized that haloes and sun dogs foretold rain. Today we known this is often a valid prediction, because haloes and sun dogs are produced by ice crystals that form the cirroform clouds which make up the typical cloud sequence preceding a precipitating warm front.

One last word. There are also moon dogs that appear alongside the moon and are formed by lunar light passing through ice crystals. Moon dogs (or paraselenae) are less commonly seen because the moon can only produce them when bright and because they appear during the night when most of us are asleep.