wee wedding plus a BABY!

Our wee wedding…here we are tying the knot…Jim, Me, Oliver (Thor) our ring bearer and Candy our lady of marriage…

This little silliness was made up by Tab…cute! She even spelled our name correctly!

No idea what we were laughing at but I love this picture!

And now on to bigger and better things! Olivia Grace was born November 6th 2011 at 2:55 pm…with me, Jazmin and her dad well hanging out and enjoying the show…

6 pounds 12 ounces…18 inches long!

Oliver LOVES his little sister…hugs her when ever he gets a chance!


Jim meeting his new grand daughter!

Jazmin can’t wait to baby-sit!

Olivia working on that ever elusive eye contact with me!


wickedly busy

Finished the fabulous swap pillow…IT’S FABULOUS! I so want to keep it…I will have to make another one…eventually…the Cheshire grin really makes it! It’s about 11 inches square…10-15-11

The open back makes it easy to remove the pillow form for very gentle hand washing as needed…10-15-11

And a moment for Shamus’ massive mouth…massive 10-15-11

My wedding bat choker…beaded and wicked!

Check out the crystal dangle beads…EEEEEEEEEEE…2 weeks till the BIG day! 10-15-11

Chinless Shamus…visualize him with ALL his hair shave off…poor baby with a flat bony head and no chin…don’t think we’ll ever do that…he needs his goatee! 10-16-11

Started the Kris-Ella-Emma heart for the ‘Those Who Dwell in My Heart’ quilt…their heart is all flowery prints…girlie and garden filled…looks stunning so far! Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ http://www.paperpanache.com/guests/aheart.htm  10-16-11

And finally Shamus…really needs a hair cut…he’s becoming quite the fur ball… 10-16-11

wedding sewing, paper piecing, Oliver

Muskrat pelt made for Jim’s Mountain Man costume for our wedding…just didn’t feel like bringing home any road kill for this occasion…

Note the intelligent gaze in his mismatched eyes…9-10-11

Stephermini’s paper pieced heart…she loves greens…paper pieced by hand, ribbons attached by machine, name embroidered by hand… 9X10 inches, will be cut down to match all the other blocks… Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ http://www.paperpanache.com/guests/aheart.htm this block will join 19 others to make my quilt: Those Who Dwell in my Heart. Hand pieced ribbon added by machine. Block completed 9-10-11

Oliver at Lake Rebecca Playground in Delano…that’s a faux bat…9-11-11

Halloween Bouquet

I’ve moved away from the machines for a bit to work on my wedding stuff…I have a heaping pile of feathers, some wee black roses and ribbons…a few skeletons and some black tulle…

the wedding is on Halloween and we’ll all be in costume so I’m so not going with anything traditional or white for that matter…my dress is black and I’ll have a wee black top hat with a skeleton sitting on the back with his bony legs hanging on the bit of veil there…haven’t started the hat yet but I started the bouquet last night so this is definitely a work in progress as I don’t have everything for it yet…I’ll be making lace bats and a brain or 2 on the embroidery machine to add…the zombie baby isn’t part of the bouquet but he will be sitting at the table of refreshments for after the wedding…

And I ordered my shoes and dress this week…Ordered Jim’s (the groom) coon skin cap artificial as I wasn’t going to pay for a real one… He’s dressing up as a mountain man with knee high moccasins, suede and cap guns…and the coon skin cap of course…I will be in a black steam punk dress with black shoes that have clock gears on them…Shamus is the best man, he’ll be in a puppy tux…Oliver is the ring bearer with the pillow being a bat I made…I have Jim’s earring, since he can’t wear a ring because of his work, the earring is a black bent barbell with spikes on the ends…If the weather’s nice we’ll be in a friends gazebo in her garden or if the weather’s nasty we’ll be in her artist’s loft…about 24 people at the most…should be interesting, I’ve never planned a wedding

tie dye & embroidery

3 black embroidered lace bats on the color catchers from my dye extravaganza design from Urban Threads http://www.urbanthreads.com/product_details?product_id=2952&category_id=6 …1-30-11

Pile of zip tied and ready cottons for the dye baths… 1-28-11

Super dark blue (almost black) bat choker WIP, will be adding beady eyes to each bat and dangly black beads off each point…if it doesn’t match my wedding dress I’ll probably sell it…any takers? Embroidery design from Urban threads http://www.urbanthreads.com/product_details?product_id=2952&category_id=6


freshly embroidered black lace bats still on the stabilizer design from urban threads http://www.urbanthreads.com/product_details?product_id=2952&category_id=6


detail of black blue embroidered lace bat…about 3.5 inches long…design from urban threads http://www.urbanthreads.com/product_details?product_id=2952&category_id=6


Squinty Mc Shamus…rudely awakened for sure! 1-30-11

Fabulous tie dyed hankie embroidered for me…hot pink perfect for nose blowing! 1-29-11


HAIL Hail paper piecing & Hail

AND…ampersand made for the wedding table runner / wall hanging…6inches by 9 inches…pattern found at: http://www.paperpanache.com/pix/srpdfs/ampersands.pdf

Completed July 17th 2010


Letter thus far: E & Heart… Made for the wedding table runner / wall hanging  July 17th 2010


J is for the Jim who loves me! Made for the wedding table runner / wall hanging… 7 inches square…pattern found at: http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/hp/edited_alpha/uppercase_J.jpg

& E Made for the wedding table runner / wall hanging July 18th 2010


The beginning of M…massive maniacal M…pattern found at: http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/hp/edited_alpha/uppercase_m.jpg

July 18th 2010


Sirens screaming marble sized hail July 17th 2010


Sirens go silent…hail get bigger July 17th 2010


The after math…Jim’s car is much more aerodynamic now that it’s dimpled like a golf ball July 17th 2010


Shamus with is new patriotic nom toy from Gumma July 18th 2010


Shamus…blissfully oblivious July 18th 2010


Jazmin’s dinner plate dahlia…July 17th 2010


Star gazer lily…can you ever get too close? July 17th 2010

piecing, sewing…wedding

Paper pieced hearts I made for a block swap…finished one at the Quilt till ya Wilt at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia.  Blocks patterns are all from 300 Paper Pieced Block patterns by Carol Doak.  Each is 4.5 inches square…

# 130 & # 124 July 9th & 10th 2010


# 120 & 134 July 11th 2010


# 126 July 11th 2010


Started my wicked cool wedding table runner / wall hanging deal! Finished the ‘E’ all 7.5 inches square of it…great colors huh?!?  The purple and orange are from Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia J the pattern for the ‘E’ is from sew hooked http://www.sewhooked.org/paper_piecing/img/hp/edited_alpha/uppercase_E.jpg

Finished July 9th 2010


Completed the heart for the wicked cool wedding table runner / wall hanging deal!

The oranges and creams are from a fossil fern charm pack…I’ll be embroidering our wedding date in the cream area… 8 inches square. Pattern from Carol Doak http://www.caroldoak.com/pdfs/CrazyPatchHeart2.pdf finished July 10th 2010


Started and completed my ring bearer’s batty pillow…took about 2 hours start to finish.  Jazmin of course want one now…sigh…I free handed a pattern used iron on batting for the wings and machine quilted his wings…used ‘safe’ eyes and a nose…love the ribbons!

July 11th 2010.