Rather productive StayCation

Very productive 5 day staycation!


Celestial Rainbow a large lap quilt I started in 2009 and just finish will be going to my Auntie Ev when my mom visits her…lots of hand quilting in the 2 large circles one’s a sun and the other is a moon.  I machined the borders…love all this bright happy fabric, frogs, bug and buttons…it’s backed with black that has embroidered dots in a rainbow of colors. Finally finished December 29th 2013.


Christmas gifts of fabrics from Tabitha and my mom! Mom got me a massive pile of cottons, socks for beasties and fun buttons. Tabitha got me scrumptious flannels and a fabulous Gingher scissor! I can cut through 5 layers of fabric at a time… December 25th 2013 wow I really need to get sewing!


Tagasaursi (multiple tagasauruses) the cute Camo one and giant lady bug one already have homes, the other 2 will be going to God’s Tiny Angels.  The pattern for these via: http://www.bubblesandbobbins.com/2012/03/tutorial-how-to-make-dinos…

December 29th 2013

Massive stacks of flannel…Think I’d better get to work! December 28th 2013


My modern troll audience hanging out on my lamp (thanks Tab) can always use more color in my sewing space! December 26th 2013

Fabric Box, 1st try, found this idea on http://seaside-stitches.blogspot.com/2013/03/fabric-box-tutorial.html but rather than putting the little triangles on the inside I put them on the out so they can be used as tiny pockets…perhaps I’ll make up a tutorial for this version.  With the copious amounts of fabric I will be making quite a few of these for Christmas 2014…December 29th 2013

Blue & Green Fabric box made for my Shoebox Swap partner (2014) December 29th 2013

Think I’ll make a tutorial for this version with the little pockets on the outside…


Yule Tide Silliness

I’m dreaming of a glowing flamingo Christmas…well OK doesn’t really roll off the tongue like the song…but he is fabulously tacky!

The ever elusive Keek the upstairs cat Shamus hears but can never really see…

The stockings were hung and filled to capacity by the stairway with care…course I’m sure everyone has been peeking into theirs as they walk by…

This year’s wicked cool Christmas tree…can’t quite see the wee purple lights for all the dangly deals…note the 2 gifts that still say Amazon on them…Jim couldn’t wrap them while I was in the room…I may just open those one’s 1st!

Sunset 7 days and counting to the great Christmas Chaos…

Oliver sewed a bed out of felt…he’s now working on making a Jack Skellington to sleep in it.


Try as we might, getting Shamus to be a happy Christmas boy just didn’t work out…

Sitting up waiting to leap from the chair

Noticing that the antlers are too heavy for his neck

Looking at Oliver pleading for an escape

Forlorn…poor baby giving up

Oliver can dress like a puppy for Christmas just fine!

holiday sewing


Olivia’s Christmas Hello Kitty Quilt all done washed and ready for wrapping…yeah my machine quilting abilities are kind of lacking…I figure she will drag it about till  it’s shreds… November 17th 2013

Shamus looking mighty furry as he watches me package angel wraps. November 17th 2013

fabric, hand sewing and Shamus

Copious flannel purchased right before the sewing machine demanded a servicing…ugh! Well hey I still have an iron and scissor…I can still flatten and slice! December 22nd 2012

Set of three wee people…planned on making a drawstring bag for these and sending them to Operation Sock Monkey or perhaps selling a set on Etsy…Tabbi Cat adopted the black one…need to make a new 3rd now… December 22nd 2012

Slightly blurry…4 wee people sets patiently waiting for the sewing machine to work again so I can sew the drawstring bags to house them…December 25th 2012

Faceless teeny tiny wee people made from newborn sized socks each wee person takes 1 sock and about an hour of hand sewing… December 23rd 2012

Hippy cotton…a whim purchase…eventually I’ll have enough fabric and time for a super retro tacky quilt!

Jazmin’s last moment make a little devil using a stretched out version of the diaper pattern.  Red felt, 2 different button eyes, heart button nose and hand embroidered personality.  His tail is ribbon topped off with a felt point. December 23rd 2012

The last of the almost finished lollipop head dolls completed…amazing what you can accomplish when the sewing machine decides it doesn’t want to work anymore.  These will be going to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia December 23rd 2012

Shamus taking a load off on the quilt covered chair…note the odd way his legs are all stretched out…silly boy! December 23rd 2012

Shamus still on the chair oddly stretched out but now watching Jim closely in the kitchen…watch him boy…he may drop something massively tasty! December 23rd 2012

Shamus tends to feel neglected when I take photos without a piece of him involved…here he is admiring the fabulous hippy cotton…December 22nd 2012

Shamus working on his Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve…heavens…he has been a good boy! December 24th 2012

twas 10 days before Christmas

Oliver’s fabulous crabby patty cake December 15th 2012

Olivia trying to escape Neena’s claw like holiday grasp December 15th 2012

Liv has a bow blue and all December 15th 2012

Having a seat in her lovely gown December 15th 2012

Olie just knows this gift is clothing! December 15th 2012

Secret Santa Monkeys for Brendan and Max kiddles of my secret Santa girl! December 15th 2012

Shamus no likes his new Frankenweenie outfit December 15th 2012

Olie and the fabulous cake! December 15th 2012

Contemplating the pile of goodies December 15th 2012

Oliver with his yippee Spongebob Lego kit December 15th 2012

Shall I spin for you? December 15th 2012

Shamus…has gone from dislike to loath…remove this fabric torture! December 15th 2012

Chew toys totally wipe out Shamus December 16th 2012

Olivia can walk this way December 15th 2012

Assorted wee ones awaiting their final destination.  I’m thinking the red white & blue one will go to my niece Meg in the Army.  The pink with the kitty button will go to Judi…the rest…well we shall see! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 17th 2012

Choices so many Choices, Oliver has to choose which wee man will go to his friend Neal in Burnsville…the blue 3 buttoned one won! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 17th 2012

One newborn sock can make one fabulous wee person in about 1 ½ hours! Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 15th 2012

A small gathering of wee ones Pattern found in the book: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: Super Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love by Daniel December 16th 2012

silly ornament

walken around the christmas tree

each year I try to come up with an ornament that when seen on my hot pink tree makes people really think…really…think…and perhaps then laugh when they get it!  I’m pretty sure this year’s ornament will get a giggle and a few questioning looks! printed on card stock, laminated and strung on a fabulous ribbon…this just screams…er…whut?
walken in a winter wonderland
feel free to make one for your tree! Consider it a horribly cheap gift from me to you! lol…

Lights Camera goldfish?

behold the international fabulousness that is the lighting of the vintage trailer in the sprawling metropolis

of Watertown MN…yup…well…there ya go…Oliver enjoyed it…all oh 3 minutes or so till the excitement wore

off… December 3rd 2012

Oliver’s goldfish, Nemo and Nemo…we needed their picture for a school project…ever notice fish won’t pose or smile?!? December 4th 2012

thanksgiving sewing, new kitty, tacky tree

Teeny Tears http://teenytears.blogspot.com 18 week gestation sized diapers will be going to God’s Tiny Angelshttp://danettesangels.tripod.com  after the New Year. November 25th 2012

Teeny Tears http://teenytears.blogspot.com 18 week gestation diapers will be going to Banner Churchill Hospitalhttps://www.bannerhealth.com/Locations/Nevada/Banner+Churchill+Comm… in Fallon NV along with 6 sets of 28 week sized teeny diapers this coming Wednesday. November 23rd 2012

Oliver and Olivia’s X-mas stockings hung from the shelf with care…er…thumb tacks… November 25th 2012

The lollipop head dollies all washed and have their plastic rings in place for shipment to God’s Tiny Angelshttp://danettesangels.tripod.com  after the New Year November 23rd 2012

13 fabulous sock creatures will be going to Clown without Borders on their way to Sinovuyo Caring Families Project in South Africa http://www.cwbsa.org  November 27th 2012

Non black Friday Sale kitten saved from being squished on the highway.  We think she’s a she…her name is PUNKin Pooky Butt…We do hope she’s Feline Leukemia negative so she can live out her little orange life with us…November 23rd 2012

PUNKin being a squinty Mc Squinter at the camera November 23rd 2012

Shamus pre hair cut checking out the fat Thanksgiving snowflakes. November 22nd 2012

Shamus enjoying a well deserved post hair cut snooze November 24th 2012

Shamus looking right at the camera for a change…weird…November 25th 2012

Thanksgiving cactus looking lovely! November 22nd 2012

The tacky sassy pink Xmas tree ready to blind all who enter the house! Yes that’s an unfinished guitar body hanging from the ceiling…um…yeah November 22nd 2012