1-yane-avatarHi I’m Nana Yane and I am ever so pleased to make your acquaintance!

I’m from Minnesota. Born…Bred…Yadda…so Minnesotan I have the speach impedement even…


I’m Swedish, Irish, a bit of German and a frappe of a few other Northern European countries. I have 2 daughters. Tabitha Ann was born in 1987. Jazmin Celiia was born in 1990. I lost my daughter Natalia Tatiana to a heart defect; hypoplastic left heart syndrom in 1989. Tabitha had my grandson sweet Oliver in 2004.


Me at age oh about 13 ish on my cow Judy

I work in a small plastic injection molding plant (about 9 miles from home) as the Document Control administrator (chick) and industrial photographer. I’m also one of the ISO internal auditors. I’ve worked here since 1999. Once a month I make the company newsletter…it is ever so fun to be insanely creative!

eMe at work in 2001 I was 34

I learned how to quilt in 1990 while on bed rest trying not to have my youngest daughter Jazmin too soon.  A in home nurse who helped me with my 3 year old Tabitha taught me.  I made Jazmin’s bunny quilt totally by hand since sitting at my sewing machine wasn’t an option at the time.  Since then I’ve made about 30 quilts of assorted sizes, mostly patchwork a few appliqué’.  I work full time now, my sweet babies are adults and I’m a grandma now but the quilt bug raises its pin prickly head occasionally still. 


Me, Cass, and Steph on our way to Iowa in 2004

For fun my girls (when they have time) and I scrap book, collage, decoupage, paint (acrylic) sketch, sculpt, well just about anything fun and crafty. We go for nature hikes throughout the year to experience the changing of the seasons and enjoy the plethora of local flora and fauna. I like reading mysteries and anything by Stephen King and Dean Koonze. I also like watching DVDs at home, mostly mysteries, action adventure and spooky movies. When I’m left to my own devices I like CSI, Law & Order, Crossing Jordan, um, stuff along those lines. I also really like the Mind of Mencia and The Daily Show with John Stewart! I love to laugh! In the summer the kids, mine and whose ever’s are around, make my current vehicle into an ART Car (truck, SUV, whatever) For silliness we enter it into whatever art car parade we can get to. Oh to be that flamboyant, + it seems to REALLY irritate some people for some reason… go figure!?!?!

wicked-witch-of-document-controlI dress up every Halloween (2008) 

I paint guitar bodies with all sorts of lovely abstracts, bits of surrealism in bright fabulous color…my lovely man then builds the guitars into functional instruments


My Lima Bean Man Jim & Me Jumping the broom at our handfasting with Stephermini’s assistance! 

I was handfasted to my sweet soul mate on the 9th of June 2007.  He found me on the Internet on loveaccess.com cool huh?  An Internet relationship that actually worked! We’ve been together officially since November 2006.  His name’s Jim…and he’s dandy!


Photoshopped me

So This is a bit of me…I have my crabby moments…happy moments…a bubble off moments…but all in all I think I’m a pretty adequate person!

names…quite the LOL

Originally an Old French form of Helen, but now generally regarded as an independent name. The Greek and Latin forms of the name had a long vowel in the second syllable, which produced this form (as opposed to Ellen) in Old French. In Arthurian legend, Elaine is the name of one of the women who fell in love with Lancelot. The name occurs in this form in the 15th-century English Morte d’Arthur of Thomas Malory. In the 19th century it was popularized in one of Tennyson’s Idylls of the King (1859). Most of the characters in Arthurian legend have names that are Celtic in origin, although subjected to heavy French influence, and it has therefore been suggested that Elaine may actually be derived from a Welsh word meaning ‘hind’ or ‘fawn’.
Norwegian: habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads named Myre, most from the dative case of myr ‘bog’, ‘swamp’ (Old Norse mýrr). Compare Myhr.


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