paper pieced celestial wizard

Celestial paper pieced Cloaked Wizard…my mom found this fabric at a garage sale for me…it’s been waiting for the perfect place to make its appearance…tada! And I have probably 2 more yards of it just in case I need more some day!  This pattern is from the set Wand Wielders… He is all hand pieces and is a massive 9 inches square. Completed September 17th 2013


a bit of paper piecing with Shamus


Paper Pieced Witchie momma block.  Started the second set of Witch Bonnet Sue’s…I think this one turned out ok I’m just not a massive fan of reproduction fabrics… She’s all hand stitched and is a tidy 9 inches square. She was purchased with a set from:… oh no…when I was capturing this address I noticed there is a new set of witchie friends…I have the feeling this quilt will end up being quite massive…. But I digress…(internal happy dance) she was completed September 15th 2013


With all the washing of baby stuff I found one blanket with a stain that Shamus has adopted…aw… September 15th2013

more sewing can be found at Lovies by Yane : wordpress

piecing, sewing…wedding

Paper pieced hearts I made for a block swap…finished one at the Quilt till ya Wilt at Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia.  Blocks patterns are all from 300 Paper Pieced Block patterns by Carol Doak.  Each is 4.5 inches square…

# 130 & # 124 July 9th & 10th 2010


# 120 & 134 July 11th 2010


# 126 July 11th 2010


Started my wicked cool wedding table runner / wall hanging deal! Finished the ‘E’ all 7.5 inches square of it…great colors huh?!?  The purple and orange are from Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia J the pattern for the ‘E’ is from sew hooked

Finished July 9th 2010


Completed the heart for the wicked cool wedding table runner / wall hanging deal!

The oranges and creams are from a fossil fern charm pack…I’ll be embroidering our wedding date in the cream area… 8 inches square. Pattern from Carol Doak finished July 10th 2010


Started and completed my ring bearer’s batty pillow…took about 2 hours start to finish.  Jazmin of course want one now…sigh…I free handed a pattern used iron on batting for the wings and machine quilted his wings…used ‘safe’ eyes and a nose…love the ribbons!

July 11th 2010.

from the wilds of Minnesota

Jim’s Yule tide mini quilt is done… this is a Howler and the pattern can be found at

It’s about 9X8 inches with mean little red eyes. Finished June 15th 2010


MASSIVE snapping turtle Jaz and I saved on the road between Watertown and Delano last night…he was about 40 pounds of reptilian anger…his foot was bigger than my hand.  Took us a while with a reusable bag and a lug wrench to push his really heavy butt off the road into the ditch.  He must have stayed down there and moved on since I didn’t see any body this morning (Whew) June 15th 2010


Does Shamus have enough toys?!?  He has so many he’s exhausted just having them all over him after an evening walk.  Poor baby! June 15th 2010

Apple one!

1st apple for two Apple Bees quilt blocks I’m making.  Pattern from

Went wonderfully easy! This will go into a block for the SWGWSW July swap.  We’re to make a block that represents a place where you had an experience of inspiration, a special place of enlightenment, a place you love, a place that spoke to you sometime in your life.  Now I’m sure yer thinking ‘Apple Bees’ yeah that’s inspirational…not…well, that’s where I had my 1st date with Jim, Jazmin in tow as our behavior adjuster…we met at Ridgedale Apple Bee’s and it was a lovely start to our relationship which has lasted 4 years now and promises to be one of those permanent deals…even now when we want a date night inevitably we end up at Apple Bees…

Like all the other SWGWSW blocks I’m making 2, one for the swap one for my quilt.  They’ll both have blue paisley background (I love paisley).  This block is about 6.5 inches right now…looks pretty nifty!

April 28th 2010