QWAV detail TLH pink Operation Sock Monkey ;)

Tiny Little Houses quilt pink house # 2

…not quite finished…but looking neat! Pattern was FREE athttp://www.forestquilting.com/paperpiecing_free/paperpiecing_free_p… (Crazy Crooked House by Patrice Trnka Adams) this house I did as planned…blue window, definitely different colored door so it sticks out and eventually this fun green for the grass…did most of it while trying not to pay attention to the Republican convention poo on the boob tube…vomitrocious…will be embroidering a door knob on the door in some fabulous color…this block is about 8 inches square…I like the crookedness of it…totally a bubble off if you will! Almost finished on August 30th2012

Realized I never took detailed photos of the Quilt With a View…the 3D flowers are really fun and add some tactile aspects to it along with the wee quilt hanging in front of the wee Shamus…call me a freak…really go for it…but I really like the look of hand stitching on a quilt even if my stitches aren’t fabulously even or tiny.

I like that I can look at this and see the effort I put into it…I can remember what was going on around me while working on it…like the discover that Olivia doesn’t like it when I quilt rather than pay attention to her…and Shamus doesn’t really mind pins when laying on a quilt I’m working on…

Oh and that I should have put the clothes pins on last…my thread was forever catching on them when I was quilting near them…as I totally prattle on…giggle…and guffaw… pics taken August 31st 2012…during a lovely Blue Moon!

On a great googily moogily happy note: the 2nd box of sock beasties has made it to Operation Sock Monkey in Canada http://www.operationsockmonkey.com/…these beasties will eventually be given to needy children in other countries…they could be in Africa, East Asia…who knows…but some little someone will have one of my beasties as a squishy little friend… massively huge grin! August 29th 2012


Tiny House quilt beginning…fla las!

Impromptu mushroom house

…1st house for the Tiny Houses pink and purple houses quilt… this pattern is found at:http://artisania.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/mushroom-house-quilt-b… FREE! What’s wicked cool about this quilt is many of the patterns are free on the internet! I’ll note which pattern is from where as I get the blocks accomplished…mind you this is a long range, VERY long range adventure…who knows how long it will take me to get all the blocks made by hand then made into a monster quilt! This block is 8.5 X 8.5 inches square…the messed up on the window by using another pink rather than blue…sigh…oh well…since I’ll be embroidering the door knob I will probably embroider around the window in a contrast color to make it pop a bit more.  Completed in lieu of sleep on August 28th 2012


Jaz did some photography of our more fabulously colored flowers

Morning Glories

A weed sunflower that planted it self

One of her super yummy roses

Jazmin’s Dinosaur tree…a little over 2 feet tall now

Virginia of the creeper climbing up the resident Box elder tree…

sew many tiny houses

So many tiny houses quilt contemplation…have you noticed I make an awful lot of house quilts…hmmmm…subconsciously want a house?!?

OK a decision has been made…well…basically made…I have 31 house patterns of assorted sizes larges will be 12 inches square complete, the smallest is 2.5 X 2.5 inches complete…SO this will be quite interesting adding sashing here and there to get this monstrosity to work…not to mention this will take quite a while to accomplish since all the houses will be pieced by hand…some look relatively easy others have more pieces than I care to count at the moment…BUT the decision on the color(s) has been reached by kinda popular vote…allot of people like purple andpink so 15 houses will be pink and 15 will be purple, the biggest house (or the bellybutton of the quilt) will bepink and purple, all the houses with windows will have blue windows (for all the blue voters) and assorted shades of doors and roofs (the door and roof will both be from the same color family), green grass (dur) where present and all will have shades of night skies

Note: sad little graphic…this is one of the house patterns…all the houses do NOT look the same…in fact some are not houses…there’s a tent, a mushroom abode, a castle, a couple dog houses, a few bird houses and one rather odd mobile home trailer of my own devices …but you get the picture… frappe’d August 1st 2012…completed…HA!!! Some day and I will celebrate when that happens!

contemplating continues unabated

I’ve contemplated the blank out of this idea now…

using photo shop, a Hole-in-the-Barn-Door block I made on WORD and the fabric swatches from Fabric.com I’ve made a block

then because…well who knows…I threw together the entire quilt without the prairie points though

yup I think this will indeed be very fun to needle! I may need to give it to some one color blind so I don’t damage their retinas! lol

Hole-in-the-Barn-Door eye burner fabric purchase

>Silly happy dance only another fabric addict can understand<

Ordering the fabric for the orange and pink Hole in the Barn Door quilt…even located the dark purple for the outer border…TODAY

Belly button of each block = Kaffe Fassette Collective 2010 Hot Variegated Leaves Red DG-123

Inner rectangles = Kaffe Fassette Diagonal Stripe Pink BJ-779

Outer rectangles = Orange Crush Abstract Geo Citrus EU-665 (noted wrong on block contemplation)

Inner Triangles = Kaffe Fassette Roman Glass Pink BJ-668

Outer Triangles = Soul Garden, Garden Sketch Tonal Orange FA-268

There will be no sashing…just block next to block so there will be big squares of orange formed by the outer triangles…I like quilting ¼ to ½ from the seams of these squares…yeah…I’m silly like that…

Outer border = Artisian Batik Patina Handpaints Purple EG-247

I figure I’ll make 9 Hole-in-the-Barn-Door blocks at 12.2 inches square, add a 6 inch border of the yummy purple and finish up with 3 inch prairies points around the edge made out of left over barn door fabrics in lieu of binding…yarn tie all the belly buttons and shadow hand quilt the blocks…either orange or pink backing…yeah…I usually don’t totally plan a quilt like this…I tend to fly by the skin of my teeth (gross saying…I’ve yet to notice skin on my teeth) start with what I have in my stash…run to the quilt shop for something that goes with the current monstrosity…make it way too big for my confined creative space…yadda ~ yadda ~ yadda…

OH to get free shipping from Fabric.com I just had to order a Halloween panel…I may have wall space when my office moves at work…I’ll have to decorate for the seasons!

AND it’s on sale…lol

Tricks & Treats Halloween Panel Orange FG-826

Kaffe Fassette quilt contemplation

I’ve always liked Kaffe Fassette fabrics…so painfully bright and busy…even though my stash of fabric is MASSIVE to say the least…I’d love to just make somethingout of some Kaffe Fassette fabric lets say it’s on my quilting bucket list!

well I went to fabric.com since the closest shop with the fabric I long for is a forty minute drive…a wee bit too far for me to justify the gas and time…sigh…would be nice to actually touch the fabric and see the colors with my eyes not through a computer screen…but I digress…


Here are the fabrics in my ‘shopping cart’ 1/2 yard of each as I can’t get smaller amounts

yup pink and orange…OUCH…thinking a solid black border or dark purple to match the purple in DG-123 and pink and orange prairie points…points probably out of different fabrics since I think I’ll be using all of this up…

and the block: hole in the barn door…12.5 square

I can picture it in my mind’s eye…my mind’s eye is currently on fire…I will probably make this…get it all done…and a baby girl will surely be born in need of it…which is fine…I start these silly things justKNOWING I’m going to keep this one…but then I locate fabric I like more…or someone’s born…well there ya go…I have my 2 quilts to sleep under and unless we have the next ice age any time soon 2 is enough… 🙂