autism awareness, sewing with Shamus

500 BLUE fb id 3-30-14


500 gift boxes 3-30-14

10 gifts closer to being done holiday gift making 2014! oh if you notice one of these may be yours please Men in Black memory eraser light thingy your brain pan so you’ll still be surprised in December! I made these using my tutorial:

Completed during the Walking Dead March 30th 2014

500 Liv dresses 3-30-14

2 wee summer dresses for Olivia, can’t wait for her to visit on Wednesday so I can take her picture in them! March 30th 2014

500 sham looking up 3-30-13

Shamus in his regular resting spot when I’m sewing…pretty sure he can see me!


Tutorial: Cloth Box with Little Outer Pockets

Cloth box with little outer pockets

how 2 027


how 2 001

2 coordinating or not so coordinating fabrics (fabric used here are RJR Witchie Poo Spiders Green & Grey)

Iron on fleece (I used Pellon®’s 987F Fusible Fleece)

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler

Fabric marking pencil/pen

Iron and ironing board

Sewing machine with your choice of thread



1)     After ironing your fabrics, place them right sides together on your cutting mat.

how 2 002

2)     Using your cutter and ruler cut a 10 inch square out of both.  If you want a larger or smaller box change this size accordingly. Make sure your square is square.

how 2 004

3)     Iron one scare onto fusible fleece.  Trim fleece to the size of the square.

how 2 005how 2 006

4)     Sew both squares, right sides together, with fleece on the outside leaving an opening to turn your square right side out. Use a scant ¼ inch.

how 2 007how 2 008

5)     Trim as close to the sewn line as possible without cutting the stitches.

how 2 009

6)     Trim a little of the fusible fleece from the opening to make it easier to close using care so as not to trim the fabric.

how 2 010

7)     Turn your square right side out using a pokey deal of your choosing to make the corners nice and pointy.

how 2 011

8)     Iron your lovely sewn square.  Both sides just to be sure.

how 2 012how 2 013

9)     Pin the opening shut

how 2 014

10) Sew all the way around as close to the edge as possible, closing the opening as you go.

how 2 015

11) Machine quilt your square liberally.

how 2 016

12) Fold your square in half the inside fabric on the inside.

13) Using your handy dandy ruler and a fabric marking device, mark a 3 inch triangle on both folded corners.

how 2 017

14) Sew along your marking remembering to backstitch at the beginning and the end.

15) Now fold your box in the other direction…looks kind of messy but really it will work!  Once again mark 3 inch triangles on the two non-sewn folded corners.

how 2 018

16) Sew these 2 triangles as well.

how 2 019

17) Weird looking tulip type deal…neato!

how 2 020

18) Pin down the 4 points

how 2 021

19) Pin open the 4 small outer pockets.

how 2 022

20) You could stop here if you don’t mind constantly pinning yourself…

21) Next batch of ingredients: note I changed the buttons. Scissor,  thread, needle, thimble as needed.

how 2 024

22) On each triangle you’ve pinned down sew a button.  You can use ribbon roses or anything else that peaks your interest

how 2 023

23) Tack each of the 2 corners of each little outer pocket.  You can leave these without sewing them but I though it just tidied up the whole thing.

how 2 025

24) Welcome to your completed fabric box with little outer pockets.

how 2 026

This one will be gracing my desk during Halloween!

how 2 027


The buttons look a little messy with the thread over the spiders but these had no shank backs and I don’t get along with glue.

how 2 028how 2 030

These little boxes can be squished quite nicely so could be mailed out in a fat envelope.  This whole pile of happiness too about an hour or so.

how 2 029

Frappe’ of Giggle-ee-tude

3D flower 1st try…

turned out adequate…next time I’m going to use larger stitches to try to get the belly button a bit tighter…this one (with the button) will probably go onto the quilt with a view since I made it with batik fabric…I’ll have to make at least 2 more so it will look fabulous, perhaps mix in one green petal to look like a leaf. August 1st 2012

Look what Olivia can do…she is in such a hurry! She’ll be driving by next year! August 1st 2012 she’s almost 9 months old!

Quilt with a View flower # 1, there will be 2 and they’ll both be different…you may have noticed the green background…these will be on either side of a sidewalk leading from the front door of the house on a lawn…I know what I want it to look like…lets hope it gets close! Block pattern from 300 paper pieced quilt block patterns by Carol Doak this is block # 103 this block is 2.5 inches square complete August 1st 2012

Shamus so shaggy I can’t see his eyes any more…Hair cut on Saturday! August 1st 2012

Look what greeted me this morning when I put Shamus out…a wee family of spiders hatched in the entryway…think I’ll leave the outside door open for a bit so they can find their way outside…they’re so tiny I don’t want to try to move them by hand…smaller than pin heads! August 2nd 2012

to use the left overs

Rainbow slaps sewn and ready to go into a couple or a few baby quilts…had many strips, (and this isn’t even all of them), left over from this summer’s sock monkey quilts & and the last pieces left from cutting borders for the Our House quilt …even some lovely rows of squares I really didn’t use like I figured I would in the sock monkey quilts…SO I plan on having these rainbows going vertically with thin strips of color between (I have lavender, yellow and I think some green) I figure one quilt will have 3 slabs of rainbow and 2 slabs of monkey…the other three monkey and 2 rainbow….hmmm…I think that’s all I have unless I have a left over rainbow slab and some more monkeys I can make a third quilt adding a few extra borders to fatten it up…course these will all have prairie points made of the left over prairie points from a few massive quilts too…definitely left over quilts are just a nifty as the planned ones! July 19th2012

these will more than likely be donated to sweet babies in need…that’s how I roll!

Furiously Frappe’ing Fabric with Fervor

Taste the rainbow of fabrics…well don’t cuz’ it tastes like cotton with a hint of sizing and starch…all fabrics except the red are from Heavenly Patchwork in Waconia… July 6th 2012

OH house # 7 House paper piece pattern located at:… free! 8.5 square unfinished

July 6th 2012

OH house # 8 House paper piece pattern located at:… free! 8.5 square unfinished July 6th2012

Fabric for the paper pieced dragon Jazmin wants

… July 6th 2012

OH quilt WIP…houses put together into a neighborhood House paper piece pattern located at:… free! July 7th 2012

OH house quilt WIP…up to and including the green of ROY G PIV…only have light & dark blue, Lavender, Purple and hot pink to go! Hope I have enough of each! House paper piece pattern located at:… free! July 8th 2012

just thought I’d add this…seems wonderfully helpful…think I’ll print it and put it by my sewing area!

gathering of baby shower goodies

well, got both cards made…will have to wait till I have a supply of ink though when I printed they came out a bit streaky

Card for Cherish’s baby shower…since I know shes’ a she I could go with pink and girlieness!

card for Cassie’s baby shower…she won’t let us know who it is so I went with peas and carrots to match the quilt I’m making…

So both mommies will get massive quilts done up in sock monkey fabric…both will get a noisy lovie…I’m going to dig through the baby stuff I have to get matching bibs and burp cloths…I’ll pick up sets of brushes and combs…each will get either a baby safe sock monkey or a baby safe Oonie…haven’t decided yet…I don’t know…is that enough baby giggle-ee-tude for an adequate shower gift?!? sigh…no idea…

HWHI corner blocks

Corner blocks for the Home is Where the Heart Is (HWHI) garish red, pink & white quilt…the embroidery designs for Skelanimals were purchased from:  the corner blocks will all be trimmed down to 8.5 inches square…hoping the long weekend will help me finish this top, Jazmin’s Halloween top and maybe even finish Ella and Emma’s tops as well…here’s keepin’ my fingers crossed!5-26-11

Sewing Embroidery Quilt piecing

Still Quilting / Sewing…well, occasionally… Made MY BED pillows for all the wee ones I know…Oliver, Sully, Neil, Zoë, Ella, Emma, Jocelyn…for Yule/X-mas…

Olie likes his…hope the rest do too! 12-19-2010

Embroidered form monograms onto handkerchiefs for my dad for X-mas so made a few more sets to put on Etsy for Dad/Grandpa…according to mom not many people use hankies any more…haven’t figured out how to embroider Kleen-X yet… 12-22-10


here’s the Peaceful Betty Rainbow Tea Party quilt beginning… eye scorching! Traumatic retinal damage even! I little bit of peace, a little Batik, a little Betty Boop…quite sizable thus far, haven’t decided if I’m adding prairie points yet…it will be backed with purple tie dyed sheeting eventually. 12-26-10