Warm Fuzzies


University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

Volunteer & Community Resources Program





Providing Warmth and Comfort to Cancer Patients

Make and donate a soft fleece lap blanket for adult and pediatric patients of the UM Comprehensive Cancer Center. “Warm Fuzzy” blankets are accepted and distributed throughout the year to each patient who is receiving chemotherapy, having cancer surgery or is hospitalized. Create a colorful blanket you’ll be proud to give!

Skill Level:

• No experience needed! No sewing involved!


• Fleece material works best, as it is soft, warm and very lightweight.

• Any color or design is fine. Bright, fun colors/designs as well as masculine or kids designs are always welcome.


• 60” long x 24” wide works well for both adult and children

(Normal width of fleece material is usually 60”). Blankets can be a few inches wider than 24”; this is just a guide.

• Single thickness works best.

Ideas for finishing ends:

• Cut several inches in along the two ends, then tie knots using two adjoining strips to finish off fringe.

• A simple blanket stitch around the border of the blanket using “perle thread” or yarn looks terrific.

• Fringing on both ends with a contrasting color of fleece. (Cut small slits near ends of blanket, insert strip of contrasting fleece, tie knots).

Please Do Not Add: embellishments such as buttons, glitter, beads, sequins or fabric paint. These can pose a danger for children. For Adults blankets, it is fine to add beads or buttons.

• Be creative!


• Individuals or Groups are welcome to add a tag indicating who the blanket is from.

• Please do not write “Get well soon”, but rather something such as “Warm thoughts of you from….

• Rolling the blanket up and attaching tag with a ribbon works well. This also keeps the blanket rolled. Please do not use pins to attach tags (not even safety pins).

Dropping off blankets:

• Completed blankets may be dropped off at the Information Desk in the main lobby, (B-2) of the Cancer Center. Please attach note…attention Mary McCully (936-8307).

• If dropping off more than 10 blankets at a time, please call ahead (734-936-8307) to make arrangements.

• Please place a note with the bag of blankets indicating the name of individual or group donating the blanket/s along with a mailing address.

• If you live out of the area and would like to mail blankets, the address is:

UM Cancer Center Volunteer & Community Resources

1500 E. Medical Center Dr.

C-423B MIB, Box 0843

Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Patient Quote:

“The warmth from the “wrap” you made is very special to me…You may never be told “Thank you”, but know in your heart “you make a difference”.

Any questions regarding the blanket project may be e-mailed to


Thank you for your interest in the “Warm Fuzzies” Blanket Project of the UM Cancer Center Volunteer & Community Resources Program.


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