finally sewing take 2

cha…I posted to the wrong word press deal…nice…
500 boy shower gift 3-16-14

500 girl shower gift 3-16-14
I’m all ready for the next 2 baby showers as long as we know one’s a girl and the other’s a boy…Sooooo if you invite me…please check on that one little detail so I bring the correct shade of gift. Each set has matching bibs (3), burp cloths (3) receiving blanket (1) and owl/cat rattle/tag toy. Wicked cuteness! These were completed March 16th 2014

500 TT large boy diapers 3-17-14500 TT large girl diapers 3-17-17

Made 2 piles of Teeny Tears diapers size large – up to 32 week gestation sized. Will be adding matching caps to each set. No idea where these will be going yet so they will be residing with the rest waiting for a hospital to adopt. March 17th 2014

500 oops angel pocket 3-17-14

Made a pile of girlie angel pockets for angels too tiny and fragile to dress…then I moved onto the boy pile and promptly sewed it together wrong…well Olivia has a lovey for this rather unattractive doll to live in now…I put the boy pile together correctly before I’m even going to get near the sewing machine! March 17th 2014

500 owl cat rattles 3-16-14

Owl/Cat Rattle/Tag toys…and 3 pointing the way squeaker/tag toys. The owl/cats will be joining matching bibs/burp cloths/receiving blankets…the pointer toys will be going where ever they can. March 16th 2014

500 easter ostara wall hanging 3-18-14

Slightly crooked, on purpose, bunny wall-hanging for work for the next holiday… pretty adequate if I do say so myself… March 18th 2014


a little sewing can go a long way!

Burp cloths in process.  Half will go to God’s Tiny Angels the other half will go to Wright County here in Minnesota for the teen mommies.  Each will have 2 matching burp cloths in a baggie. December 8th 2013

Cheater quilts patiently waiting for some top stitching.  I’m thinking the lovely flowered one will go to a sweet little toddler I know for Christmas.  The other 2 will be joining about 22 other blankets/quilts for the blanket drive for God’s Tiny Angels. December 8th 2013

Flannel and cotton waiting some serious ironing and slicing up…Receiving blankets, teeny diapers, angel wraps, perhaps newborn snap gowns and buntings will be just flying out of this pile bound for God’s Tine Angels, Teeny Tears, Angel Outfitters and perhaps a few will go to the teen mommies here in Minnesota…just need the time and energy! December 8th 2013

Olivia with a box on her eye…no idea she’s now into having something on her face when you take her picture December 6th 2013

Newborn sized hospital gown with snaps. December 8th 2013

Newborn sized snap on hospital gown on a newborn sized doll…front and back…I am now out of snaps ugh…have some on order though so I can keep snapping up wee gowns! December 8th 2013

2 newborn sized snap on gowns.  These will be going to God’s Tiny Angels 2014 December 8th 2013

Snoozy Shamus (naughty boy) sleeping on Jazmin’s chair in her absence December 8th 2013

Thank you card I received from a hospital here in Minnesota that I sent a batch of Teeny Tears diapers to.  I dare say it’s nice to hear occasionally that what I’ve done helps people!

Flock, Flowers & Flannel

Flock of Hens & Chicks living quite happily in mom’s terraced garden August 5th 2013

Star Gazer lily living outside my window. I can’t take credit for any of these fabulous flowers…Mom did all the work! August 5th 2013

2 more star gazers living in a short yet fabulous row in the garden outside my window August 5th 2013

Small teeny tears diapers (18 week gestation sized) bound for Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester Minnesota once I get the large ones completed tonight. I used up my entire stack of larges sized diapers that were cut out…am totally bummed but flannel is where the mad money will be going this week…so I can get another pile cut out for the next hospital…need needles for the sewing machine as I’m using the very last one I have…shocker! August 5th 2013

All who Dwell in my Heart

Finished the Robyn and Neal block…can you believe I didn’t have enough mint or chocolate ribbon?!? Yeah I was shocked too…really broke my heart to go to JoAnn to find the perfect ribbons… hand embroidered Robyn / Neal in chocolate floss…just waiting for the ice-cream man for some mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone! Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’  Completed July 25th 2013

Attached the ultra teeny diaper to the good works block and added some super cutie patootie ribbons…bummer couldn’t locate ribbon with socks or better yet sock monkeys on it…oh well…this works pretty good. Hand embroidered ‘good works’ on this cotton and flannel heart. This heart is for God’s Tiny Angels, Operation Sock Monkey, Hands for Haiti, Clowns without borders and Teeny Tears! Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’  Completed July 26th 2013

The very last block, number 20, for the quilt All Who Dwell in my Heart…there are pieces of antique lace and some of my favorite light colored fabrics in this block.  All hand embroidered just like all the other blocks in the quilt.   Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’ Completed July 27th 2013

All who dwell in my heart quilt top is complete…and I only need to tear off one ribbon that I inadvertently melted when I was ironing the top…still can’t figure out how I managed to iron on the fusible batting to that block without melting the ribbon in the first place…nonetheless it is as fabulous as I always thought it would be! It’s taken me a wee bit over 3 years to complete this eye scalding quilt of love and happiness.  Once totally done it will live on the wall right next to Jim’s Tumor Start Quilt. Life adventures in warm lovie form.  When complete it will be approximately 36 inches by 45 inches.  I figure I’ll machine quilt it for longevity, haven’t decided on the backing yet, but I have quite the assortment of slabs of fabric to contemplate. Pattern: ‘crazy hearts’  July 28th 2013

paper pieced heart WIP -n- Shamus

Good Works heart WIP

for my All Who Dwell in my Heart Quilt. Made this block out of cottons and flannel I’ve used to make quilts, lovies, angel pockets and teeny diapers  I plan on making a super teeny diaper to sew onto the orange spackled fabric.  The monkey in the heart is for all the sock monkeys and sock beasties that now reside across the planet and that wee sheep with the pacifier is for all the babies I’ve helped keep warm.…the pattern is free and can be found at: I blew it up a bit on the copier…paper pieced by hand…that’s how I roll…I’ll be adding ribbons by machine and hand embroider ‘good works’ on the frame of the heart.  Paper piecing Completed July 15th 2013…block is about 8.2 inches square. One more block to go and I’ll have all 20 blocks completed for this quilt!

some teeny sewing with snoozing Shamus

16 sets of small – as small as 18 week gestation – sized teeny tears diapers trimmed and flipped…all ready to be ironed and top stitched…snuck over to mom’s to sew a bit on June 9th… felt great to just sew for a change…I still had packing and moving pecking at the back of my mind…so I just turned the music up a bit and sewed on! Was listening to Angie’s Farm – Salad Bowl Blues on the CD player. Once completed these will be going to Bemidji Minnesota…YEAH…Teeny Tears go to every state in the union now…Happy dance! June 9th2013

21 sets of large – up to 32 weeks gestation – sized teenytears diapers top stitched and pinned…ready to get their cards and bagged for shipment…these will be going to Bemidji Minnesota…YEAH…Teeny Tears go to every state in the union now…Happy dance! While listening to Etta James sing from the silly little CD player on the window sill. June 9th 2013

Sewing…such bliss…yup that’s itty bitty hound’s tooth for the inside of a teeny jungle print diaper! June 9th2013

Just sewing a teeny diaper…I have quite the stack waiting their turn under the needle June 9th2013

I think pudgy Shamus is out growing his bed…or perhaps he just really wanted to spread out for a while! June 9th2013

a little closer to home every day!

I so sewed!


first thing I’ve sewed in a very long time! wee Teeny small sized diapers!!! woo hoo I feel so much better just having sewed even a little…there’s not very good light there just yet, so I could only get these done before it was getting too dim…more to sew next time there’s enough light


my sewing table all set up and ready to get to work! THANK YOU my sweet husband, you manly man you! Took it apart, tied it to the Jeep and put it back together after getting it in the house!


the batik every home has a heart quilt I’ve been hand quilting…now in the new sewing area…better get this move done!


my favorite pink house with the heart quilted…

I’m almost home…we’re all almost home…hopefully within a month we will be all moved in, all getting used to our new surroundings…all becoming content and happy…counting the seconds!

some sewing for angels

6 wee little boy buntings made for tiny miscarriages, these are flannel on both sides with satin bows.  they are about 6.5 inches tall and 3-4 inches wide after being tied.  this pattern was found for free at these will eventually be shipped out to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia March 11th 2013

3 wee little girl buntings made for tiny miscarriages, these are flannel on both sides with satin bows. they are about 6.5 inches tall and 3-4 inches wide after being tied. this pattern was found for free at these will eventually be shipped out to God’s Tiny Angels in West Virginia March 11th 2013

little pile of Teeny Tears diapers destined for St. Mary’s Community Hospital in Nebraska City NE March 11th 2013

batch of small Teeny Tears Diapers all ready to package and ship Match 10th 2013

teeny diapers a dash of jim a massive meatball

Diapers and burial bonnets on their way to Churchill Banner Hospital in Fallon NV February 8th 2012

Diapers and burial bonnets on their way to Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire WI February 8th 2013

Jim with a beard full of pokies…getting the full enjoyment of the facial fuzz until his cheeks get shaved…don’t worry the chin hair and mustache will remain firmly in place February 8th 2013

Shamus full of glare February 8th 2013

Massive meatball, 14 inches long, on his way to be adopted by a family with a much larger tank February 8th 2012500 big meatball 2 2-8-13

Hands to Work

up to 32 week sized diaper sets, half will go to God’s Tiny Angels and the others will wait till I find a hospital to send them to. February 2nd 2013

Home is Where the Heart is Quilt all washed and ready for shipment to the Children’s Heart Clinic in Minneapolis MN February 2nd 2013

the next quilt getting ready to be shipped to Rose of Sharon for quilting in Onyx CA February 2nd 2013

one of 5 wee burial bonnets finished this weekend haven’t decided where these will be going yet February 3rd 2013