still sewing

Baby C bonnet 8-2-14

Baby C handkerchief bonnet (boy) lovely and ready to include in the gift. This was one of the handkerchiefs I found at the antique store that was a bit discolored and Restore powder brought back to being useable! August 2nd 2014

Baby N bonnet 8-2-14

Baby N hankie bonnet (girl) really like this one, too totally feminine and girlie. Already packed away for her January birth. August 2nd 2014

Baby S bonnet 8-2-14

Baby S handkerchief bonnet (boy). Really like the intricate embroidery on this one. Placed with the rest of the gift patiently awaiting the shower! August 2nd 2014

bonnet butterfly newborn 8-2-14

Gorgeous hand crocheted on linen newborn girlie hankie bonnet. Going to hold onto this one, perhaps hear of a wee little girl being born so I can send it out. Added satin ties and tiny yellow satin roses because it just wasn’t cute enough already! August 2nd 2014

puzzle patchwork day 1 8-3-14

In the beginning there was a stack of 24 fat quarters, 12 green 12 pink… it sat there looking sad and forlorn for 8 long months until one day I happened upon a site that had a quilt that I thought I could actually accomplish! Using wonder under and a satin stitch on the machine I hope to make a fabulous puzzle quilt. Hope…to. This will become a lovely feminine Autism awareness quilt for all the little girls out there that are missed or under diagnosed. This is the beginning, placement on the design wall, cut out the bumps and hope to get those ironed on tonight! I am hoping this all works as I have a Koi quilt my mom wants… machine applique… this puzzle quilt is my practice for that…crossed fingers I can make this work! August 3rd 2014


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